Old Girls’ Association (OGA)

The Old Girls’ Association (OGA) was originally formed in 1901 to help generations of former students maintain contact with each other and continue their involvement in the Somerville House community. Today, it is an active organisation that strives to support, celebrate and strengthen relations among Old Girls, students and other members of the Somerville House family. Through networking events, reunions and other engagement opportunities, past students are encouraged to remain connected with each other and the School.

Connect with the OGA on their website: somervillehouseoga.com.au.

OGA Membership

Becoming a member of the OGA has many advantages including access to the portal and membership only sections on the OGA website providing access to the Old Girls Members Directory, the OGA Mentoring program, Reunion Groups, the OGA Business Directory, online photo gallery and the latest news and events information.  

Membership requirements: The OGA welcomes all Old Girls who attended Somerville House for a minimum of 12 months to apply for membership. All Year 12 students during their final year at school are invited to request membership. Students who leave Somerville House prior to Year 12 are also eligible, including students who attended Junior School only. Students who leave the school prior to Year 12 but wish to keep their Somerville House ties are able to access early Undergraduate Membership attached to a parent email account with all membership privileges in care of the parent. Once the student is Year 12 equivalent membership rolls over into a standard General Membership and the student is invited to update their online account with their own email. 

Cost: $200 for Lifelong Membership. This fee also applies for Undergraduate Membership. Students from the graduating Class of 2016 and beyond enjoy complimentary membership with the school covering the fees if they select to join in the year of graduation. Students are still required to apply and consent to membership. Before and after the graduating year fees are the responsibility of the applicant.

Please visit somervillehouseoga.com.au/signup to apply for membership.

OGA Portal and Business Directory

The OGA public website (somervillehouseoga.com.au) outlines detailed information on the OGA including news and upcoming events. Attached to the website is a Member's Only Portal providing exclusive access to:

  • Members Search Directory – look up other Old Girls by graduating year, geographic location, profession and other keywords and connect online
  • OGA Business Directory – list your own business, search for Old Girls to network with, support other businesses
  • OGA Mentoring Program – apply to become a mentor or mentee
  • Search/List Career opportunities
  • Networking/Special Interest/Reunion Groups – become a member of groups that interest you and stay connected
  • Exclusive online photo gallery – download photos from events
  • Receive the Members Digest advising of latest, news, events and announcements.

All existing OGA members are able to activate their online profile on the OGA Portal via somervillehouseoga.com.au/signup. When you receive confirmation of your portal access remember to complete the process by setting up your profile and accepting the terms and conditions to obtain access to the members-only area.


If you would like to attend/organise a reunion, please email the Old Girls’ Association via connect@somervillehouseoga.com.au or the School via events@somerville.qld.edu.au.

We would love to assist you in connecting with your former classmates from wherever you are. 

For more information, please visit somervillehouseoga.com.au/page/reunions.


The OGA also produces merchandise for sale. Shop the full list of merchandise available here somervillehouseoga.com.au/page/merchandise.

The Isabel Bauer OGA Bursary

Named in memory of legendary Old Girl, and our longest standing President, the postgraduate bursary will provide $5,000 for a specific and approved purpose, to support an Old Girl in fulfilling her potential. This might include making career changes or advancements, re-entering the workforce, further study, innovation or research. 

If you would like to assist a fellow Somerville House woman in pursuing her dreams, contributing to her community and fulfilling her greatest potential, please consider making a contribution to the Isabel Bauer OGA Bursary Fund by clicking here. Donations of all sizes will be gratefully received.

If you or your business would like to contribute to the bursary, please contact us here - we would love to hear from you. If you would prefer an Electronic Funds Transfer please email connect@somervillehouseoga.com.au.

OGA Executive Committee

President: Ms Kate Golder

Vice Presidents: Ms Rebecca Bauer and Ms Trudy Naylor

Secretary: Miss Gaye Pitman

Treasurer: Dr Pretoria Bilinski

Assistant TreasurerMrs Miriam Musgrave

Committee Members: J Bright, S Connors, B Folliott, S Folliott, A Kolb.