Our Vision

Educating girls to be fearless leaders of change, developing excellence, confidence and connection to their individual purpose.

Our Values

Our values of Courage, Compassion, Inclusion, Gratitude, Integrity and Respect, guide the way we interact with each other, which influences every aspect of school life. The Christian values of the PMSA: relationships, care, ethics, personal development, excellence and celebration, purposely combine with our school values, in an educative process on a daily basis. 

Presbyterian and Methodist Schools Association (PMSA) 

All PMSA schools play an important role in educating and guiding young people with values for life. Founded on strong Christian values – relationships, care, ethics, personal development, excellence and celebration – Somerville House and other PMSA schools share these collective values. The four schools work collaboratively to share their knowledge and expertise to enhance the educational experience across all schools. 

Learn more about the PMSA Christian mission, vision and values.

Our Priorities

Our four areas of strategic priority set the direction across all operations of the School: 

  1. Striving for academic success
  2. Sustaining personal growth
  3. Supporting service learning
  4. Serving as responsible custodians.

Somerville Strategic Intent 

The Somerville Strategic Intent (2020 to 2023) serves to inspire, motivate and provide a clear vision and priorities for the School over the next four years.