Somerville House is one of four outstanding schools owned by the Presbyterian and Methodist Schools Association (PMSA) alongside Brisbane Boys’ CollegeClayfield College and Sunshine Coast Grammar School

Established in 1918, the PMSA is a joint mission of the Uniting Church of Australia, Queensland Synod and the Presbyterian Church of Queensland. The Churches formed the PMSA to purchase Brisbane High School for Girls (now Somerville House) and Clayfield College (now Brisbane Boys’ College) in 1918.

More than 100 years on, the PMSA is a financially strong, not-for-profit organisation that plays a vital role in setting the direction of each school and the connecting link between the schools and the two churches. All PMSA schools offer a unique ecumenical learning environment where children learn Christian values common to two churches, not the beliefs and practices of just one church.

The PMSA works together with the Somerville House School Council and Principal to provide:

  • a caring, Christian-based culture 
  • high-quality programs for developing teaching excellence 
  • financial strength and support
  • human resources, legal and compliance support
  • governance and policy-making support, particularly around child safety.

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PMSA Board

The PMSA is governed by a Board which comprises of up to 8 members. Three Board members are each appointed by the Presbyterian Church and the Uniting Church and up to two members are directly appointed by the PMSA Board. The PMSA Board is supported by three committees, a School Advisory Council for each of the Schools and the PMSA Group Office.

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PMSA vision and values

All PMSA schools play an important role in educating and guiding young people with values for life. Founded on strong Christian values – respect, integrity, care, collaboration and excellence – Somerville House and other PMSA schools share these collective values. The four schools work collaboratively to share their knowledge and expertise to enhance the educational experience across all schools.

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