Academic Achievement

Class of 2020 results

Somerville House congratulates the 2020 cohort for their academic achievements.  We commend the Class of 2020 for their dedication to doing their best in all aspects of Somerville life. Each student showed tenacity, determination and perseverance to contribute to the overall success of the 2020 Year 12 cohort. 

We acknowledge the talent and hard work of the students, professionalism and support of the teaching staff, and the encouragement and guidance of our Somerville House parents and extended family members. 

2020 ATAR Results*

* Data provided by QTAC includes 91.24% of the students who applied for tertiary entrance and have consented to share their information with the School. Median ATAR is 91.2. 

ATAR Number of students Percentage
ATAR 99 and above 10 7.9%
ATAR 98 and above 16 12.6%
ATAR 97 and above 27 21.3%
ATAR 96 and above 33 26.0%
ATAR 95 and above 41 32.3%
ATAR 94 and above 46 36.2%
ATAR 93 and above 55 43.3%
ATAR 92 and above 60 47.2%
ATAR 91 and above 64 50.4%
ATAR 90 and above 71 55.9%
Across four subjects, eight students received perfect scores of 100 out of 100. 


Congratulations to 18 of our graduates who were awarded a QCAA Certificate of Academic Commendation for achieving an A in at least 6 general subjects. 

Below are the graduates who gave permission to publish their names.

Student Subject
Imogen Berridge Chemistry, English, French, Mathematical Methods, Physics, Specialist Mathematics
Chun-An (Joan) Chuang Biology, Chemistry, Chinese, English, Mathematical Methods, Specialist Mathematics
Charlotte Hames Chemistry, English, Japanese, Mathematical Methods, Physics, Specialist Mathematics
Hannah James Business, Drama, Economics, English, General Mathematics, Legal Studies
Serine Lee Chemistry, Chinese, English, Literature, Mathematical Methods, Modern History
Alexandra Liessmann Biology, Chemistry, Literature, Mathematical Methods, Physics, Specialist Mathematics
Amelia Mackie Biology, Chemistry, Economics, English, French, Mathematical Methods
Adeleine Watson Chemistry, Economics, Literature, Mathematical Methods, Physics, Specialist Mathematics
Rachel Yang Biology, Chemistry, Japanese, Literature, Mathematical Methods, Physics, Chinese See

2020 Vocational Certification Results*

16 VET GRADUATES (11.6% of Year 12 cohort)
  • 16 students (11.6% of the cohort) graduated with an additional qualification
  • 19 qualifications were awarded and 2 are continuing, which means 3 students did more than one qualification, and 2 students were still continuing with their second qualification at the end of the academic year.

* Data provided by the School includes 50% of the students who have been awarded a vocational certification and have consented to share their information via the website.


Name Vocation Education Qualification
Serena Bond Diploma of Business
Madison Delaforce Diploma of Business
Sascha Dodd Diploma of Business
Evangeline Fysh Cert III in Fitness
Caitlin Hobbs Diploma of Business
Claire Kim Cert IV in Music Industry, Diploma of Music Industry
Olivia Krause Cert II in Public Safety (Aquatic Rescue)
Michelle Lin Diploma of Business

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