Academic Achievements

Class of 2021 results

Somerville House congratulates the 2021 cohort for their academic achievements.  We commend the Class of 2021 for their dedication to doing their best in all aspects of Somerville life. Each student showed tenacity, determination, and perseverance to contribute to the overall success of the cohort.

We acknowledge the talent and hard work of the students, the professionalism and support of the teaching staff, and the encouragement and guidance of our Somerville House parents and extended family members. 

2021 ATAR Results*

Congratulations to the students who achieved an ATAR 99 and above:

* Data provided by QTAC includes 85.4% of the students who applied for tertiary entrance and have consented to share their information with the School.  

ATAR Number of students Percentage
ATAR 99 and above 10 9%
ATAR 98 and above 15 13.5%
ATAR 97 and above 24 21.6%
ATAR 96 and above 29 26.1%
ATAR 95 and above 36 32.4%
ATAR 90 and above 62 55.9%
ATAR 80 and above 86 77.5%
ATAR 80 and above (including selection rank from Diploma study) 99 82.9%

Across three subjects, five students received perfect scores of 100 out of 100. Congratulations:

Across ten subject external exams, thirty-four students received 100%. 

Congratulations to the following students:

In these subjects, all students achieved a combination of an A, or an A or B. 

View the 2021 NAPLAN results here