The Somerville House Master Plan represents a 20-year vision for the School to 2040.  In 2020, BSPN Architecture was commissioned to lead the development of the Master Plan.  

As a reflection of the School's Strategic Intent, this plan aims to position Somerville House as one of the premier girls' schools of its time by establishing a new standard for education facilities, synonymous with the School's pedagogy and culture surpassing the traditional model of other schools.
Phase 1 of the Master Plan is the refurbishment of the Heritage Heart, encompassing A Block classrooms, Cumbooquepa and the Heritage Gardens.   This is an exciting phase of the Master Plan.  A Block forms an integral part of the School's history. The building first opened in 1920, and the original plaque will remain a feature of the building's significance to the School community.   This school area will be restored to its former grandeur with characteristic brick and lintel construction and a sacred timber weatherboard façade facing Cumbooquepa.  The project will re-establish the character features of this building while introducing new elements that respect and celebrate its traditional fabric. 

Recently, we sought feedback on the proposed A Block refurbishment and comments were gathered online or via the in-person feedback mode.  BSPN Architecture received this feedback and the School's brief, and these perspectives will contribute to the final planning stages.  View the Heritage Heart Feedback (PDF 175KB)

Next Steps 

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