The following policies and procedures are an essential part of day-to-day operations at Somerville House:

Accommodation and Welfare Policy - International Students only (PDF 181KB)

Allergy Awareness Policy (PDF 309KB) 

Anti-Bullying Policy (PDF 295KB) 

Art Collection Policy (PDF 149KB)

Asthma Management Policy (PDF 824KB)

Blue Card (Working with Children) Policy (PMSA) (PDF 1.44MB)

Child Protection Policy (PMSA) (PDF 230KB) 

Complaints and Appeals Policy - International Students only (PDF 171KB)

Complaints Resolution Policy (PDF 326KB) 

Data Breach Policy (PDF 369KB) 

Deferment, Suspension and Cancellation Policy - International Students only (PDF 180KB)

Diabetes Policy (PDF 237KB) 

EEO, Anti-Discrimination, Sexual-Harrassment & Bullying Policy (PMSA) (PDF 194KB) 

Enrolment Policy - Domestic Students only (PDF 639KB) 

Historic Abuse Redress Policy (PMSA) (PDF 1.32MB)

Homestay Policy & Risk Management Strategy (PMSA) (PDF 1.3MB)

Mobile Phone and other Personal Electronic Devices Acceptable Use Policy (PDF 188KB)

Privacy Policy (PMSA) (PDF 88KB) 

Privacy Statement 

PMSA recognition of students & staff who represent Australia in an international forum 

Requests for Student Information Guidelines (PDF 190KB)

School Community Code of Conduct (PDF 185KB)

School Refund Policy – International Students only (PDF 181KB)

Social Media Policy (PDF 248KB)

Standard Collection Notice (PDF 187KB)

Student Progress, Attendance, Course Duration Policy - International Students only (PDF 219KB)

Student Transfer Request Policy - International Students only (PDF 178KB)