The following policies and procedures are an essential part of day-to-day operations at Somerville House:

Accommodation and Welfare Policy - International Students only (PDF 181KB)

Allergy Awareness Policy (PDF 309KB) 

Animals on School Premises Policy (PDF 131KB)

Anti-Bullying Policy (PDF 295KB) 

Asthma Management Policy (PDF 824KB)

Blue Card (Working with Children) Policy (PMSA) (PDF 1.44MB)

Child Protection Policy (PMSA) (PDF 230KB) 

Complaints and Appeals Policy - International Students only (PDF 171KB)

Complaints Resolution Policy (PDF 326KB) 

Data Breach Policy (PDF 369KB) 

Deferment, Suspension and Cancellation Policy - International Students only (PDF 180KB)

Diabetes Policy (PDF 237KB) 

EEO, Anti-Discrimination, Sexual-Harrassment & Bullying Policy (PMSA) (PDF 194KB) 

Enrolment Policy - Domestic Students only (PDF 639KB) 

Historic Abuse Redress Policy (PMSA) (PDF 1.32MB)

Homestay Policy & Risk Management Strategy (PMSA) (PDF 1.3MB)

Mobile Phone and other Personal Electronic Devices Acceptable Use Policy (PDF 188KB)

Privacy Policy (PMSA) (PDF 88KB) 

Privacy Statement 

PMSA recognition of students & staff who represent Australia in an international forum 

Requests for Student Information Guidelines (PDF 190KB)

School Community Code of Conduct (PDF 185KB)

School Refund Policy – International Students only (PDF 181KB)

Social Media Policy (PDF 248KB)

Standard Collection Notice (PDF 524KB)

Student Progress, Attendance, Course Duration Policy - International Students only (PDF 219KB)

Student Transfer Request Policy - International Students only (PDF 178KB)