Since the establishment of the Scholarship and Bursary Fund in 2003, the Somerville House Foundation has generously provided $1.4 million in scholarships, enriching the educational journeys of 37 deserving students. Today, the Foundation's scholarships are exclusively means-tested, ensuring that financial assistance is directed towards students who face economic challenges, thereby continuing our commitment to making exceptional education accessible.  

Towards 2030 - Together, Building Scholarships, Shaping Futures

In 2024, the Somerville House Foundation is pleased to announce the launch of our first multi-year appeal in support of scholarships. Towards 2030 will see our community band together to raise significant funds for deserving students across the next six years.

Each year, our appeal seeks to raise sufficient funds to sustain four day-girl and one regional & rural (boarding) Somerville House Foundation scholarships currently in place. 

All additional funds raised each year, for the next six years, will accumulate to create new scholarships commencing in 2030. 

Help us establish an additional day-girl and additional regional & rural scholarship by 2030

Progress to date 

Privately Named & Funded Scholarships

The Somerville House Foundation is honoured to offer scholarships generously fully-funded by individual donors and their families.

- Sidonie Thompson Memorial Scholarship
- Dr Jill Mellick Memorial Scholarship
- Dr Lorna Archibald Memorial Scholarship 

These Scholarships are administered through an arrangement directly between the School and a donor.  

To find out more about the establishment of a Privately Named & Funded Scholarship, please contact the Foundation Office. 

Somerville House Foundation Annual Lunch

The Foundation hosts an annual lunch each year. All funds raised on this fun-filled day go towards supporting Somerville House Foundation Funded scholarships, helpings us achieve our 'Towards 2030' goal. Thank you to all guests, sponsors and donors who came together in May 2024 to support this cause on a spectacular afternoon! We look forward to welcoming our community to this luncheon next year. 

Somerville House Foundation Bursaries in Support of Existing Students 

Foundation Bursaries are open to current families experiencing financial hardship and are assessed on an individual basis in conjunction with the Principal. Please contact the Foundation Office for further information. 


Somerville House Foundation Office
Ph: (07) 3033 9289