Our Senior School students develop the academic thinking and life skills necessary to graduate as well rounded, global citizens.

The Senior School at Somerville House provides a learning environment that is relevant and enriching. Students are challenged by a variety of appropriate learning experiences, by setting high standards and by providing opportunities for them to be responsible and accountable for their learning.

Middle Years

In the Middle Years (Years 7 to 9), students lay strong foundations in a well-balanced curriculum that emphasises literacy and numeracy. By creating an atmosphere that promotes positive self-concept, they are encouraged to become more confident, enthusiastic and successful learners.

The regular celebration and recognition of significant efforts and achievements is an integral part of the ethos of the Middle Years.

Our teachers develop and maintain meaningful relationships with students by modelling feelings of care and respect, fairness, safety, trustworthiness and humour. Within an environment that fosters a sense of belonging, stability and happiness, Middle Years programs assist with the smooth transition of students from the Primary Years into the Senior Years.

Senior Years

At Somerville House, the final three years of learning in the Senior School (Years 10 to 12) are known as the Senior Years.

Our Senior Years students begin a journey towards establishing themselves as independent life-long learners.  The three Senior Years focus on essential life-learning for work, study, community service and leisure, allowing students to choose from a broad range of developmental experiences.

At Somerville House, we encourage each student to create a balance in their development, incorporating academic, cultural, sporting and spiritual pursuits. It is through this balance that the holistic development of each individual student can be achieved and they can each reach their potential and open many pathways to future success as an adult. 

We provide our Senior School students with a safe, secure and supportive environment within the framework of sound Christian values. The Senior School is a living community where students can feel that they belong. They enjoy many opportunities to test their emerging adult identities and to develop their unique personal gifts. 

Our students are the citizens of the very near future, and we are proud of them. Through their engagement in this dynamic and challenging educational community, they are encouraged to think deeply about the kind of future they can help to create for Queensland, Australia and the world. 

We value their insight, their initiative, their confidence, their commitment to a better world and their ability to form soundly-reasoned judgements.


Somerville House offers a wide range of subjects, allowing for a variety of student preferences and pathways. Students undertake a comprehensive Careers and SET planning program in Year 10 to assist them in selecting subjects for Year 11 and 12. Information on pathways and individual subjects can be found within the relevant Subject Information Handbooks