Today (Saturday 14 December) we are very proud to announce the OP (Overall Position) results of our Year 12 Class of 2019. 

Somerville House as a long standing tradition of academic excellence, and this year’s results achieved by the Class of 2019 are no exception. 

10% of OP eligible students have received an OP1 
41% of OP eligible students are located in the OP 1 to 5 
75% of OP eligible students are located in the OP1 to 10 
94% of OP eligible students are located in the OP1 to 15
Principal, Mrs Kim Kiepe said she was thrilled for this year’s graduates and said that these OP results reflect the persistence and diligence that is necessary for such high academic performance. 

“As a school community, we applaud the Class of 2019 on their outstanding achievements and we acknowledge our parents and teachers for their support and contribution to these results,” Mrs Kiepe said. 

“This year’s achievements are the culmination of our commitment to continuous improvement at Somerville House. These results also reflect our students’ significant performance, which is well above State and Female State percentages, in the Queensland Core Skills test,” she said. 

OP rankings are only one indicator of academic success at Somerville House.  All students in the Class of 2019 attained a Queensland of Certificate of Education and the majority of our OP-ineligible students completed Diploma or Certificate III course while at school.

“I am so proud of each one of our graduates and their achievements.” 

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