Shaping the future of young people – the way they think and solve problems, and the way they perceive themselves, others and the world around them – is an increasingly complex challenge. In a world that demands innovative, ethical solutions to a wide range of humanitarian, environmental and commercial challenges, Somerville House strives to provide students with a first-class education and a well-rounded schooling experience.

Somerville House focuses on providing an exemplary educational environment that enables students to discover and develop their talents in a safe, supportive, Christian community, and to live a fulfilling life that makes a meaningful contribution to society.

A life-long love of learning, the pursuit of excellence, and the ability to think and creatively solve problems, are proven outcomes of a Somerville House education.

Curriculum Framework

The Somerville House Academic Program is underpinned by the School's unique Curriculum Framework, fostering a strong learning community. Four key principles provide the foundation for all teaching and learning: engagement, excellence, empowerment and diversity. With Christian values at its core, the School’s curriculum ensures each student from Pre-Prep to Year 12 is provided with rich opportunities for rigorous, independent learning and developing critical, creative thinking.

The School's curriculum, continually informed by well-founded educational research, encourages students to continually further their expertise as learners and strive for standards of excellence. Teachers optimise opportunities to engage students with emerging digital technologies and provide a broad range of educational activities to both consolidate and extend classroom learning to meet individual student needs.

Curriculum in the Early Learning Centre is informed by the Queensland Kindergarten Learning Guideline, Early Years Curriculum Guidelines and the Early Years Learning Framework. Courses of study in the Junior, Middle and Senior Schools meet all requirements of the Australian Curriculum and the Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority syllabuses in key learning areas.

Learning behaviours valued at Somerville House

Somerville House students are encouraged to become expert learners. Classroom teachers nurture positive attitudes and intellectual habits that are crucial to academic success.

Positive engagement with learning

  • Participates actively in learning activities
  • Persists with learning challenges
  • Strives for improvement
  • Seeks to understand
  • Is open to new ideas, approaches, challenges
  • Approaches problems independently
  • Demonstrates curiosity
  • Takes intellectual risks
  • Is willing to take creative risks
  • Is an enthusiastic and positive learner
  • Asks relevant questions

Effective self-regulation of learning

  • Maintains focus
  • Seeks and applies feedback appropriately
  • Strives for accuracy and precision
  • Completes set tasks
  • Reflects on learning
  • Supports the learning of others
  • Contributes to collaborative tasks
  • Plans and prepares appropriately
  • Listens actively and responds

Academic Achievement

2016 Somerville House Year 12 Achievements

Somerville House congratulates our Year 12 Students of 2016. The excellent academic results they have achieved in their Overall Positions (OPs) and the Core Skills Test are testament to their scholarship, commitment to their studies and the positive partnerships developed between parents, students and the School’s outstanding teaching staff.

The School acknowledges this Year 12 cohort for their outstanding individual and collective efforts and we wish them every success in their future studies. 

  • Over 70% of our students attained an OP 1 to 10, with over 95% attaining an OP 1 to 15. 
  • 36.1% of our OP-eligible students achieved an A on the QCS Test, with a further 37.5% achieving a B.

2016 OP Results *

OPSomerville HouseState
1-2    17.0%6.83%
* 2016 OP Results: Cumulative percentage; Includes all Year 12 Somerville House students who received an OP including Visa students
ResultSomerville HouseState
* 2016 QCS Results include all OP-eligible Somerville House students and all students in the State who sat the 2016 QCS test.

2016 NAPLAN Results

Year 9

Aspects of Literacy and NumeracyState MeanNational MeanSchool Mean
Grammar and Punctuation569570636

Year 7

Aspects of Literacy and NumeracyState MeanNational MeanSchool Mean
Grammar and Punctuation538540610

Year 5

Aspects of Literacy and NumeracyState MeanNational MeanSchool Mean
Grammar and Punctuation506505565

Year 3

Aspects of Literacy and NumeracyState MeanNational MeanSchool Mean
Grammar and Punctuation433436509

Somerville House students continue to display an enthusiasm for learning and a desire to perform to the best of their academic abilities. 

Our students have excelled academically in many ways, including:

  • Achieving outstanding results in terms of OP scores.
  • Realising access to preferred tertiary studies.
  • Participating in the Enhanced Studies Program which allows Year 12 students to undertake the study of a University subject concurrently with their Year 12 Program.  
  • Achieving excellent results in state, national and international academic competitions in many subjects and over several year levels.
  • Achieving excellent results in the National Assessment Plan – Literacy and Numeracy (NAPLAN) tests.

The main task of our School is to ensure that we provide a high quality academic education, and that we strive for excellence in all aspects of our academic program from Pre-Prep to Year 12. 

Digital technologies and a range of high quality, innovative teaching strategies are integrated into classroom learning; however, we have not lost sight of the importance of effective, traditional teaching methods. Our teachers continually engage with professional development and educational research to ensure high standards of teaching; and Somerville House is committed to maintaining these standards.

We also have high expectations of our students and provide support as they set their personal goals and work toward the realisation of these goals.

Some learning initiatives include:

  • The use of virtual and on-line learning spaces is integral to learning at Somerville House. Students access digital learning resources using 'My Subjects' via the School’s Intranet, including interactive tools, such as teacher-led or student-led forums, on-line assessment submission and electronic teacher feedback.
  • As a 1-1 laptop school, our students develop a wide range of proficiencies associated with the use of digital technologies. As well as developing research skills, they develop confidence with software applications in areas as diverse as 3D design, accounting, music and scientific experimentation.
  • Enrichment and Extension programs have been developed to enhance individuals’ learning. Students who display an advanced understanding or ability in a particular subject, can receive extension challenges or accelerate their studies. In addition to involving students in a range of national and state competitions across subjects and Year levels, we also offer a Year 10 Extension and Enrichment program which includes collaborative learning projects and study skills sessions. Opportunities to be involved in Mater Medical Research Institute (MMRI) or Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital Research projects allows Senior students to engage in leading, real-life research programs as part of their science studies.
  • Eligible students are able to undertake university subjects as part of their Year 12 studies.
  • Partnerships with the School of Distance Education and other reputable course providers allow Senior students to tailor a challenging, individualised academic program.

The success of our academic program relies heavily on the expertise of our teachers, Heads of Department, Heads of School, Dean of Teaching, Learning and Innovation and Dean of Academic Planning. Teachers at Somerville House believe in a culture of learning, and as active learners themselves, they provide excellent role models.

Educational Research

Please click on the links below to browse published academic works and articles by some of our Somerville House faculty staff.