Community Friday, 28 Feb 2020

2020 Scholars Assembly

In February, the School invited the Overall Position (OP) 1 to 4 recipients of the...

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Community Tuesday, 18 Feb 2020

Principal for the Day

Raising funds for the Somerville House Foundation Scholarship Fund and looking after the School was...

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Community Friday, 31 Jan 2020

2020 Resources Awards for Women finalist

2020 marks Queensland Minerals and Energy Academy’s (QMEA) fourteenth year of their Resources Awards for...

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Community Monday, 13 Jan 2020

Year 4 student, Eve A...

A global Christmas tradition and dream production for aspiring ballerinas, the Nutcracker has been brought...

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Community Saturday, 14 Dec 2019

120 years of academic achievement

Today (Saturday 14 December) we are very proud to announce the OP (Overall Position) results...

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Community Monday, 09 Dec 2019

Touching the community

For the last seven years, Somerville House Year 12 students have been dedicating a couple...

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