The long term impact of the pandemic continues to provide challenges for many of our students and their families. 
Join with us to help students in need by giving to our Scholarships & Bursaries Program. 

Together, we can help current students

Gifts to our Annual Giving campaign will enable the Foundation to channel funds, not derived directly from donations, to support current students experiencing significant hardship.

The Foundation will match your gift, dollar for dollar, making your gift have double the impact.

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The Foundation's COVID-19 Response

A number of parents have confronted the possibility that their daughter may not be able to complete her Somerville journey. Parents at independent schools across Australia have similar concerns, with some schools discounting fees across the board. 

At Somerville House, the School and the Foundation have taken a different approach, committing $500,000 each, with additional support from the Old Girls' Association (OGA), to help current students by offering fee assistance to families experiencing considerable hardship.

Quite simply, we've placed equity above equality — being selective enables us to offer tailored support to those who need it most. 
Some families experienced difficulty long before the current crisis. We have not forgotten our country families doing it tough.

How we are helping current students

The School and Foundation each committed $500,000, with additional support from the Old Girls' Association (OGA), to support current students.

Here’s what we're doing to help students in need:

  • Our priority is to help senior students finish at Somerville House.
  • So far, we’ve helped 65 students continue their Somerville House journey.

ATO guidelines prohibit schools from seeking support for current students – these donations are not deemed tax deductible, learn more here.  

For this reason, we are inviting members of our community to direct their gifts to the Scholarships & Bursaries Program. This will enable us to continue to finance the Foundation’s existing commitments while channelling funds, not derived directly from donations, to support current students in need.