The Sisters Connect Program, which connects Big Sisters with Little Sisters across year levels and within Houses, is designed to promote a sense of belonging and connectedness in a student’s journey through Somerville House.

At Somerville House we take a proactive approach to Positive Wellbeing. Vital to this are our positive connections within our community, developing empathy and embracing diversity.

The girls connect through a range of activities including painting, reading, drawing and dancing.

Year 8 connect with Year 3
Year 9 connect with Year 4
Year 10 connect with Year 5
Year 11 connect with Year 6
Year 12 connect with Year 7

Sisters Connect facilitates meaningful relationships and helps to build communication and team skills while creating a strong sense of community. Big Sisters are encouraged to connect with their Little Sisters when they see them during breaks to develop an ongoing rapport and check on their wellbeing.

I have really enjoyed spending time with my Year 11 buddy. Sisters Connect has given us the opportunity to bond with girls we don’t get the opportunity to spend time with. I am always counting down the days until Sisters Connect and I am sure everyone would agree.

Year 6 student

This program gave me the opportunity to spend time with a girl in a younger year level that I would not usually have the opportunity to connect with. Whenever I see her around the School we always make sure to wave to each other and say ‘hello’, and I can honestly say that these small interactions make my day so much better.

Year 11 student