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In 2014, the Somerville House Early Learning Centre opened its doors to both girls and boys. Today, our Pre-Prep program continues to provide students turning four years of age by 30 June, the opportunity to experience a high quality early learning program.

The Somerville House Pre-Prep philosophy embraces both the National Curriculum Framework, the Early Learning Years Framework and the Queensland Kindergarten Learning Guideline and  focuses on a Pre-Prep year accessed for one year in the year prior to entry to school. The Pre-Prep philosophy is built on play-based inquiry learning. It aims to stimulate children’s thinking, actively engage them in hands-on learning and develop the skills required to be a successful learner as they move into formal schooling.

Somerville House Pre-Prep is run as a full time program from 8.10am to 2.30pm Monday to Friday, during term time. The Early Learning Centre also offers Extended Hours Care before school, and after school care each day exclusively for Pre-Prep students attending our Centre. Non-Term Extended Hours Care is also available each holiday period for Pre-Prep students. 

Eligible parents are entitled to claim Child Care Supplement (CCS) which will offset tuition fees. Please click here to view the Somerville House Early Learning Centre's funded Kindergarten Program Statement of Fees. 

The Early Learning Centre is a purpose built, state-of-the-art facility providing separate indoor and outdoor learning areas specifically for our Pre-Prep students. The location of the centre allows the youngest members of our Somerville House community easy access to additional specialist teachers, school facilities and other resources enjoyed by all Somerville House students.

The Pre-Prep Program aims to instil a curiosity, and love of learning in all students through pre-literacy and pre-numeracy development in readiness for formal schooling, while also incorporating specialist classes in Music, the Arts, Foreign Language and Physical Education.

The Somerville House Early Learning Centre has been reviewed by the Australian Children’s Education and Care Quality Authority (ACECQA) against the National Quality Standard and has been awarded a rating of ‘Exceeding’ the National Quality Standard.

For further information about the Pre-Prep program please contact our Enrolments Office on 07 3248 9267.

Maree McHugh
Director of Pre-Prep

LEAP into Learning

The Somerville House Pre-Prep Program will encourage your child to LEAP as they Learn, Engage, Achieve and Play in a safe, nurturing and stimulating environment.


The Early Learning Centre provides the first level of a Somerville House Junior School education, and offers a Pre-Prep Program in preparation for the Prep year. The program is developed and guided by the national Early Years Learning Framework and at a state level by the Queensland Kindergarten Learning Guidelines (QKLG).

The Somerville House Pre-Prep Program and facilities focus on the educational needs of children and are developed around the latest pedagogy in Pre-Prep learning. Central to the Pre-Prep program are Pre-literacy and pre-numeracy development, and instilling students with a love and curiosity of learning.

Somerville House Pre-Prep students are educated by experienced, Bachelor qualified Early Childhood Teachers and supported by Diploma qualified Early Childhood Educators. The curriculum encompasses Technology, Music, Visual Art, Foreign Language, Christian Education, and Physical Education.


The weekly program is flexible and consists of a broad range of engaging learning experiences such as:

  • Promotion and development of social and personal interactions
  • Group time focussed on pre-literacy and pre-numeracy development 
  • Indoor and outdoor play based activities
  • Gross and fine motor activities incorporating specialist physical education activities.


Students will develop their readiness for formal schooling by learning to communicate their ideas, feelings and needs as they acquire skills to make new friends and cooperate with others. 

Their natural curiosity to enquire, to observe and to share information is a key stage of development within the Pre-Prep learning environment. 

Students will gain independence and confidence in their abilities as they learn to persevere and complete tasks in a safe and nurturing environment.


The Somerville House Early Learning Centre provides Pre-Prep students with state-of-the-art facilities and separate indoor and outdoor learning areas where teachers and students collaborate to plan, think and extend learning through play.

When children are playing they are:

  • Learning to represent their ideas in a variety of forms – talking about their thoughts, constructing, painting, building, drawing and taking on roles 
  • Developing social skills – communicating, caring, negotiating, cooperating and sharing 
  • Engaging with the perspectives of others as they negotiate roles and solve problems
  • Building foundations for early literacy and numeracy through use of symbols, objects and materials 
  • Accessing and applying knowledge through exploration and re-creation of familiar events 
  • Acquiring new knowledge about themselves and their world as they play with others and interact with their environment
  • Developing their imaginative skills – using flexible and creative thinking in adapting to situations and finding solutions to problems 
  • Making meaning of their world by exploring a range of community and family roles 
  • Experimenting and making discoveries in a safe environment 
  • Working at their own pace and at their own level.

Enrolling in Pre-Prep

Enrolment in the Somerville House Pre-Prep Program is initiated through the Enrolments Office, phone 07 3248 9267 or via email

When can my child be enrolled into Pre-Prep?
Somerville House Pre-Prep is open to girls and boys turning four before 30 June of their entry year.

Date of Birth





1/7/2011 to 30/6/2012

Year 1

1/7/2012 to 30/6/2013


Year 1

1/7/2013 to 30/6/2014



Year 1

1/7/2014 to 30/6/2015



Year 1

Enrolling in Pre-Prep
The first step is to complete an Application for Registration and pay the registration fee. Approximately two years prior to your child’s expected entry to the School you will be invited to an information session and tour of the School. Following the information session you will be required to complete an online Application for Enrolment and supply the School with additional documentation. 

Once the School has received notification of your completed Enrolment Form, you and your child will be required to attend an interview with the Director of Pre-Prep to discuss your application. After all interviews with prospective parents and students have been completed the Principal will make offers for places approximately eighteen months before the expected entry date to the School. 

Upon receipt of an offer of enrolment, you will be required to confirm your acceptance by signing the official Written Agreement with the School and pay a non-refundable acceptance fee.