A global Christmas tradition and dream production for aspiring ballerinas, the Nutcracker has been brought to life by The Queensland Ballet for the seventh season straight. 

Ballerina and Year 5 student, Eve Albion brightened the stage of their most recent production last December; performing in front of the 2,000 seat Lyric Theatre at the Queensland Performing Arts Centre.

Eve seized the opportunity after successfully auditioning out of hundreds of ballet students from across Queensland. She said it was her dance teachers, Kimberley Woodger and Katya Bennett-Woodger of Kimberley Woodger Dance Academy at Morningside who encouraged her to apply.

“My dance teachers sent an email letting us know about the upcoming Nutcracker audition - it was on a weekend at the Queensland Ballet at West End,” Eve said.

“There were a lot of girls and boys trying out, and I found out straight away I’d made it through the first round. Afterwards, my mum received an email saying I had been successful in getting a role in the production,” she said.

Eve could not contain her delight when she was cast in the ballet as a young girl in a family during a Christmas party, as well as a ‘ginger nut’.

“I was so excited when I found out - I’ve always wanted to be part of a big production like the Nutcracker. It will be such a great experience to be amongst all the very talented dancers, and I will learn so much,” Eve said.

It was Eve’s older sister and Year 7 student, Zoe who inspired her to take up dance at age three.

“My big sister Zoe started ballet, and it looked like so much fun, so I wanted to try it too. I also do jazz and contemporary dance,” Eve said.

Although the Nutcracker is the most significant production she has been cast in to date, this is not the first audition where Eve’s talent has been recognised. Accepted into the Australian Ballet Interstate Training Programme, a part of the Australian Ballet School, in both 2018 and 2019, Eve said the program has given her invaluable training opportunities.

“Being a part of the Interstate Training Programme gives me access to intensive training sessions, specialised coaching classes and personal visit opportunities throughout the year,” Eve said.

“In 2019 I went down to Melbourne in the July holidays and did a week of classes at the Australian Ballet School in Southbank. I also did a masterclass in Brisbane when they went on tour,” she said. 

“As long as I do at least one class a year, I can be considered for the following year, and once I reach a certain age, I may even be invited to audition to become a full-time student.”

When asked if she saw a career for herself in ballet upon graduating school, Eve said she was undecided on her future aspirations. 

“I really love ballet but I also really want to be a vet when I finish school,” Eve said. 

“I have plenty of time to decide, so we’ll see what happens.”

Queensland Ballet’s 2020 performances of the Nutcracker have been rescheduled to 2021 due to COVID-19.