Left to right: Mary-Elise, Odevnie and Geena

Our 2022 School Captain Odevnie Perera, and Vice Captains, Mary-Elise Hii and Geena Pathirana hope to inspire all students to embrace this year’s theme of 'Together Stellar'. 

So what does Together Stellar mean to them?

"Our vision for Somerville House is to create a stronger, more compassionate community which will allow all students to learn to appreciate not only others but also themselves. I believe that if we can learn to appreciate and respect all students and their respective values, cultures and backgrounds, then we will be able to extend that type of compassion and understanding to the wider community, and that is what will help influence change around the world. Our school hopes to inspire this ideal sense of compassion by encouraging the student voice on weekly assemblies, which will allow students to hear different values and beliefs. In addition, we also aim to connect older students with the younger years through simple activities. We hope that with these strategies, our vision of compassion and community will be achieved in 2022."

Odevnie Perera - School Captain

"'Individually we’re stars, but together we make a constellation.' Our school’s theme for 2022 is Together Stellar – but how can we shine united when a star believes their glow is dim and insignificant?

My vision for the School community is that we become more open and understanding towards each individual’s mental health. I hope to help students feel more confident in themselves and teach them the importance of treating others and themselves with love and respect. The leadership team and I plan to do this by building genuine interpersonal relationships with the younger years through frequent and fun school-wide events, as well as sharing how I (and possibly other Seniors) overcame our own mental health obstacles, so that the public stigma surrounding this issue can be removed. This way, each student will be able to shine brighter, and thus when together, will make the Somerville House constellation a stellar one."

Mary-Elise Hii - School Vice Captain

"My vision for the community of Somerville House in 2022 is for our school to be an environment where the diversity and differences of our Girls in Green can be further celebrated. If possible, I would like to implement more events into the School calendar that allow for my peers to come together as a community and recognise that our differences are what make us who we are. Odevnie, Mary, and I hope to take on this year and do our very best to ensure that students at Somerville House feel that they belong in this beautiful green community and that they can rely on students from all year levels for support as well as strength."

Geena Pathirana - School Vice Captain