Somerville House students are moving beyond the traditional 3Rs in the newly launched Somerville@HOME academic program.    

As shown above, Charlotte (Year 2A) and Elizabeth (Year 1C) have experienced a positive beginning to the first three days of remote learning at the end of Term 1. 

Charlotte said, "I love Seesaw activities and hearing back from my teacher, Mrs Bell."

"I liked designing my Easter egg on Seesaw, doing the Hokey Pokey dance and reading books outside with my sister," Elizabeth said.

Both Mum and Dad couldn’t be happier with the transition to Somerville@HOME.  Mum said, "the teachers have been amazing - setting morning plans, keeping us on track and providing regular feedback throughout the day.”

“The girls have shown us how to navigate the apps, and it’s been a lovely opportunity to learn with our daughters," she said. 

Inclusive of online and non-screen time, Somerville@HOME is an off-campus blended learning approach which has supported students to work effectively at home in an independent learning mode.

Mrs Kim Kiepe, Principal of Somerville House, believes that the Somerville@HOME academic program is an essential initiative in response to the evolving coronavirus circumstances faced by us all.  

“COVID-19 has increased feelings of great uncertainty with our school community, and as such, Somerville@HOME serves to ensure the continuity of our academic program, as well as creating a sense of stability for the girls,” she said.

“The importance of health and wellbeing is paramount at this time, and so the academic program has been interspersed with physical activity tasks and mindfulness breaks.”

Acknowledging the resilience and courage of our students, parents and staff, Mrs Kiepe is thankful for the Somerville House community and their collective determination to develop new ways of working to deliver learning in a virtual world.

“Students and staff have all been placed on a steep, fast-tracked curve towards a new platform of teaching, and have immersed themselves into this different way of learning with passion,” Mrs Kiepe said.

“It is also important to acknowledge that journey cannot be measured without the support, co-operation and dedication from our parents and carers, who continue to be the mentors for their daughters, fostering a sense of calm,” she said. 

“We are focussed on the commencement of Term 2, and remaining flexible in our response to supporting the learning of our students.” 

Take a moment to view a short video about Somerville@HOME from Mrs Kim Kiepe.  

The gallery below shows our students learning from home.  #someypride