Having led 552 students throughout 2020, Somerville House Junior School Captains, Mia D (6B) and Abby M (6A) were recently challenged to act as ‘student’ Heads of Junior School for a day. A role usually carried out by Mrs Louise McGuire, the Head of Junior School provides guidance and inspiration to the Junior School community. 

“Year 6 students Mia and Abby spent the day with me to better understand what it means to take care of our girls,” Mrs McGuire said.

“The morning began with Turning Circle duty to ensure that students arrived safely, followed by visits to various Junior School classes where we assisted with activities,” she said.

Breaking to refuel for the long day ahead, the ‘student’ Heads enjoyed morning tea in the staffroom.

“The girls joined me in my office for a meeting with our Junior School Librarian, Mrs Cheryl Toohey, to discuss the activities that would take place during Book Week before we headed to Under the Clock café for a special lunch,” Mrs McGuire said.

“During lunch I spoke to the girls about the factors that are considered when allocating students to a class to ensure every student is placed in the most suitable group for them,” she said.

In the afternoon, Mia and Abby took on the role of Mrs McGuire, welcoming the Junior School to assembly and introducing a Year 6 presentation. 

Following assembly, the girls met with Principal, Mrs Kim Kiepe, who gave the girls a personal tour of Cumbooquepa – the most historic part of the School.

Upon their final task for the day – Turning Circle duty – the girls were asked to reflect on their favourite part of the day. 

“My favourite part of the day was having lunch with Mrs McGuire and going to see Mrs Kiepe in Cumbooquepa as well as The Early Learning Centre,” Abby said.

“My favourite part of today was having a tour of Cumbooquepa and going to The Early Learning Centre and I also enjoyed running the assembly with Abby and the Year 6s,” Mia said.

As the girls prepare to make the transition from Junior School to Senior School, we know they will continue to be fearless leaders of change.