Year 7 student, Lara L, has made it her mission to show compassion and kindness to those who need it most during the lockdown of the public housing towers in Melbourne. 

It was the announcement of the heavy lockdown measures that prompted Lara to take action.

“When I heard about the lockdowns, I was deeply affected”, Lara said.

“Some families living in these housing towers have limited resources, as well as needs that are culturally sensitive, so I knew I wanted to help in some way”, she said.

“I started my research, contacted organisations and began my donation drive”.

Somerville House Head of Year 7, Mrs Alana Murray, said that Lara is a very caring young woman and always looking for practical ways to help others. 

“Not only is Lara kind-hearted, but when she sets her mind to something she achieves great things”, Mrs Murray said.

Lara was able to find and speak to organisations approved to assist the families that reside within the nine public housing towers.

“They provided me with a list of items that would help the residents”, Lara said.

“That same evening, I went shopping with my birthday money that I had saved over the last few years, and purchased an array of toys and food”, she said.

Inspired by Lara’s passion for helping those in need, her community inundated her with contributions to her campaign, and Lara’s local Pack and Send generously donated their services to post the goods to Melbourne.

Three local charities have benefited from Lara’s donations and will manage the distribution of these goods to the families in Flemington and Kensington.

Mrs Kim Kiepe, Somerville House Principal, spoke of Lara’s altruistic actions and the example she has demonstrated to her peers and community.

“Lara exemplifies the values of our school, and our mission to educate young women to take a leading role in society”, Mrs Kiepe said.

“Spending $500 of her own savings is an honourable act of community service, and a wonderful example of making a meaningful contribution to humanity”, she said.

“I am very proud of Lara”.

Lara was recently interviewed by Rebecca Levingston on ABC Radio Brisbane. Click below to listen to her story.