2021 Dux of the School, Dinethra Epa
Our annual Academic Honours Assembly is an opportunity for recent graduates to return to the School so we can celebrate their achievements as a community. 

The tradition of this assembly holds a special place in the aspirations of many students who, as they progress through Senior School, imagine themselves as a participant. Some of our current Year 12 students shared with us the importance of this occasion and what it means to them:

"I’ve always wanted to be in the Honours Assembly when I graduate. I find it really inspiring to watch the results of students’ hard work, and I use it as motivation in my studies."

"I admired so many students in the Class of 2021. Being able to celebrate their achievements and congratulate them on their successes is my way of saying thank you."

"The Honours Assembly is a huge inspiration to me each year. As we sprint towards the end of the Year 12 marathon, I know that I will be motivated to keep going when I see the achievements of my friends from the Class of 2021."

Some of our returning students shared their advice about how our current Girls in Green can set and reach their academic goals.

Nicole Li:
"Look after yourself physically and mentally. If you’re tired all the time or not feeling yourself, it doesn’t matter how organised or hard-working you are. You are going to feel unmotivated and unwilling to try. So, take time out – even in exam blocks – to make sure you’re well-rested and in the right mindset. For me, I would go out and eat with friends or play sports. Don’t forget to check in on your friends as well."

Paris Wilson:
"I think the term balance best describes my mindset in how I overcame obstacles and set about achieving my goals in the Senior School. For myself, I balanced my study by finding time to continue with co-curricular sports, even throughout Year 12, which meant that each day, even though I knew I had a long list of homework to complete, I also had the chance to do something that I loved. Finding balance also helped me to achieve my academic goals. I became more motivated to finish tasks in the limited time I had to ensure I had this time to myself."

"Ultimately, you have to find your own balance. It is defined by you, knowing that as you lean into one thing, you lean out of another. I challenge you to find your balance this year. Ironically, by prioritising the things I love, I found that my academic results improved, and I had more clarity on what career I wanted to pursue."

"Inspired by the incredible teachers that I was so lucky to be surrounded by, I’m heading into a Bachelor of Health, Sport and Physical Education."

Caitlin Wright:
"My goal was to do the best I could so that I could have opportunities at the end of Year 12. I am now pursuing a degree in Nursing and Paramedicine at the Australian Catholic University."

"Your education is not a sprint; it’s a marathon. To achieve your long-term goals, you need to practise. Identify your weaknesses and apply strategies to manage them. Every year, I corrected, practised, and perfected techniques to manage and excel in Year 12 and university."

"Build good relationships with your teachers. By being respectful and switched-on in class, demonstrating that you have a desire to learn and improve, your teachers will give back to you one hundred times more. I would not be on this stage without the support and care of my Year 12 teachers."

We are grateful to members of our Class of 2021 for inspiring and igniting the current student body; to instil a passion for their learning today, and excitement for their future aspirations. 

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