Developing innovative, creative leaders

The Senior Precinct building will enhance the current educational curriculum for English, Maths and Languages by providing state-of-the-art teaching spaces. This project will reflect a contemporary world-leading teaching and learning environment for staff and Senior School students. It is especially exciting to create much needed specialist teaching spaces for STEAM and the Art Precinct, along with new Drama studios. 


A STEAM Precinct will be the highlight of the Master Plan with the creation of constructivist makerspaces. STEAM is an educational approach to learning that uses Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Mathematics as the contact for guiding student analysis, exchange of ideas and critical thinking. STEAM thinking develops students who consider a thoughtful risk-taking approach, through engagement in experiential learning, problem solving persistence, a propensity to collaborate and work through the creative process. A STEAM approach and constructivist makerspaces will help Somerville House develop the innovators and creative thinkers of our future.

New Senior Precinct 

  • Four Specialist Laboratories 
  • New Art Precinct
  • Sixteen Versatile Learning Spaces
  • Individual Study Zones
  • Changeroom and locker facilities
  • Senior Café