Local Indigenous artist Emma MacNeill joined students at this week’s assembly to discuss the special meaning behind the custom design of the Somerville House jersey. The jersey has been created for the upcoming Reconciliation Round of Queensland Girls' Secondary Schools Sports Association fixtures on Friday 27 May, and tells the indigenous story of Somerville House:

“This jersey represents the land you are built upon. The merging of two tribal boundaries, Turrbal and Yuggera, outlined by your House colours across the chest.”

“The light green oval and U shapes represent the Turrubal tribe’s family and meeting places.” 

“The large blue section at the bottom represents the Yuggera people and the oval on your grounds which were home to waterholes, teeming with life and fertile land. I’ve depicted fish, digging sticks and coolamen for bush tucker. The natural footprints of flora and fauna which once gave life to those that lived around it.”  

“The large green circle in the centre represents your school, the students, the parents and dedicated support which help keep it running smoothly. The hands around it are a symbol of strength and the aid we provide to each other daily as we wear our uniform proudly.”  

Emma MacNeill

We extend our sincere thanks to Emma for her beautiful and thoughtful design.

The Somerville House Reconciliation Round jerseys for students, and polos for parents and staff are now available for purchase at the Uniform Shop.