Scientific research journal Wiley has published an article submitted by 2020 graduates Joan Cheng and Amelia Mackie.

The article, titled Medication and healthcare use, parent knowledge and cough in children: A cohort study, focusses on medication and healthcare use in children with a respiratory illness, with cough as a symptom over the course of the illness.

While at Somerville House, Joan and Amelia were among eight Year 10 students at the School to be offered a position in the Centre for Children’s Health Research (CCHR) Internship — a competitive program where students can work on research projects weekly during term time for eighteen months.

Students are mentored by CCHR research groups such as the Allergy Research Group, the Respiratory Infection Outreach and Research Team, the Cough, Asthma and Airways Group, and the Biomechanics and Spine Research group. The internship invites students with a strong interest in STEM to participate as active members of CCHR research teams, developing their scientific skills in critical thinking, problem-solving and translating scientific findings into real-world outcomes.

During the program, Joan and Amelia carried out significant primary research under an institute supervisor, a truly remarkable achievement given that they were also studying for their ATAR assessments and external examinations at the time.

Six Year 11 students at the School are involved in the current CCHR program which commenced in Term 3 of 2020.

A Wiley Online Library account is required to read the article in full; however, an overview of the piece is available at the following link: