Pastoral Care

Shaping the future of young people – the way they think and solve problems, and the way they perceive themselves, others and the world around them – is an increasingly complex challenge. In a world that demands innovative, ethical solutions to a wide range of humanitarian, environmental and commercial challenges, Somerville House strives to ensure students leave with, not only a first-class education, but a well-rounded and supported schooling experience.

Since its establishment, Somerville House has exercised its unwavering commitment to provide an education that nurtures students into well-rounded, confident and knowledgeable citizens of integrity. 

In addition to our efforts to develop academic excellence, this commitment is reinforced through the provision of extensive staff and peer support networks, student-led activities, progressive leadership opportunities and dedicated Pastoral Care within the School curriculum.

Junior School Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care is an essential element of the Junior School curriculum and is primarily delivered by the classroom teacher. Initially, students learn the social skills required to work and play happily with other children in both formal (classroom) and non-formal (playground) settings. 

Students will explore topics which are relevant to their year level, such as self-responsibility, interpersonal understanding, the changes associated with puberty, and the skills to promote successful learning are explored. 

Middle and Senior Schools Pastoral Care

In the Middle and Senior School, Pastoral Care is arranged in a horizontal structure, with Heads of Year assisting at each year level. Homeroom Teachers and Tutors, who have extensive contact with students on a daily basis, take significant responsibility for the care of students in their class groups, assisting new students to settle in and providing a knowledgeable point of contact for any initial parental or student concerns.  

Formal weekly Pastoral Care sessions, conducted by Homeroom Teachers or Tutors cover a variety of important topics through discussion and activities. These include: manners and demeanour, assertiveness, resolving conflict, strengthening support networks, dealing with stress, how to stay safe, making decisions, developing friendships and the ethical use of technology.

Pastoral care at Somerville House is more than an action, and more than a subject to be studied, it is implicit in our daily interactions with each other, in our many family events such as welcome evenings for parents, mother/ daughter breakfasts, family chapel services and boarding family gatherings, it is our cultural norm.