This is a form which allows you to nominate yourself (students) or your daughter (parents) for the Sportswoman of the Year award- Individual Sport and/or Sportswoman of the Year award- Team Sport. Please be advised that to receive these awards the recipient must meet the criteria outlined below.

The Sportswoman of the Year award is awarded to the athlete whose performance that year most embodies the spirit of sportsmanship and achievement. This award is given to three students per category (individual and team sport), a Junior Years Student (Years 3-6), Middle Years Student (Years 7-9) and a Senior Years Student (Years 10-12). This award is to honour a current Somerville House athlete who, by their achievements, have displayed elite ability and excelled in their individual or team sport. This award takes into consideration all competitive sports e.g. trampolining, skiing, cross-country, gymnastics, Rugby/ Rugby 7s, Synchronised swimming, Touch Football, Rowing, Futsal etc. 

Student Recipients must have demonstrated the following in their individual sport: 

  • Highest standard of sporting ability 
  • Service to their chosen sport 
  • Attitude and commitment 
  • Sincerity and integrity to the sport both during and external to competition

By nominating myself/my daughter for this award, I/my daughter confirm that I/she... - Complied with respective Codes of Conduct within the sport - Displayed enthusiasm and co-operation and participated with full effort - Fulfilled and honoured my commitment wholeheartedly to the activity I selected above for the entire season - Demonstrated sincerity and integrity to the sport both during and external to competition
Supporting evidence can include, but is not limited to, selection letters, reference from coach, certificate of achievement/acknowledgement.