Somerville House launches Virtual Tour

Somerville House is stepping into the future with the launch of their new Virtual Tour. 

Now available on the Somerville House website, the Virtual Tour takes users anywhere in the world on a digital tour of the campus, showcasing the facilities and learning spaces with 360-degree aerial views.

Shot with drones and a number of eye level cameras by YouTour, the Virtual Tour is an interactive and immersive experience, providing users with a view similar to that of a student or staff member as they walk around campus. 

The virtual tour will assist in maintaining connections between past students to see how the School has changed over the years, as well as give those members of the Somerville House community who may not be able to often view the campus a chance to see it.

“The virtual tour gives viewers a sense of the feel and tone of the School. While this can be captured in still photography, the dynamism of the virtual tour enables viewers to engage more fully with glimpses of life at Somerville House,” Principal Dr Ness Goodwin said.

Project coordinator Ms Lauren Mengotti said it was important to continue to connect and engage with the wider community, as well as the current community. 

“When we first heard about the opportunity to create a virtual tour, we knew that this was something that would help to share our incredible facilities with not just our current families, but our past families and the broader local and rural communities.

“The project required significant effort from all involved,” Ms Mengotti said.

“The School community was unified in bringing our virtual tour to life."

Year 9 student Ellie S was involved in the filming, and said it was interesting to take part.  

“It was really fun being involved in the virtual tour filming,” Ellie said. 

“Knowing that this will be something the Somerville House community will use for years to come, and for us as students to look back on is really exciting,” she said.