Somerville House and Churchie perform Peter Pan

Continuing the tradition of the Somerville House - Anglican Grammar School (Churchie) combined school's musical, Somerville House recently joined Churchie in an incredible production of Peter Pan.

The high-flying, funny and action packed live-drama experience was a first rate production, with packed audiences. 

The Senior play delivered some of the most sophisticated special effects ever attempted in the musical partnership between Somerville House and Churchie, which dates back to the 1970s.

Don't miss our upcoming combined school's Wizard of Oz Musical, hosted by Somerville House this May.

Performance dates:
Thursday 4 May: 7.00pm
Friday 5 May: 7.00pm
Saturday 6 May: 6.00pm

Students - $20
Adults - $28 

Tickets are selling fast, follow the link below to book yours today.