PMSA Announcement

** Important Announcement from the  Presbyterian & Methodist Schools Association **

Dear Somerville House Community,

After seven years as Principal, Mrs Florence Kearney has informed the PMSA Council and the Somerville House School Council that she will leave the School at the end of 2017.

Mrs Kearney will leave with our sincere gratitude and with our best wishes. She has provided strong leadership and vision, enabling Somerville House to enhance its reputation for providing the finest opportunities for girls’ and pre-prep education.

Mrs Kearney is one of only 11 people to fill the role of Principal in almost 120 years of Somerville House’s history. Mrs Kearney has led Somerville House to continue on its exemplary academic path while also championing excellence in sporting, cultural and social pursuits. Her tenure has been one of distinction, energy and achievement.

Mrs Kearney says:

“It has been an honour and a privilege to serve as Principal of this great School and I wish to acknowledge the outstanding leadership of the Executive Team during my time here. I also sincerely thank the staff, students, parents and the wider School community for their support over the past seven years.”

Mrs Kearney will continue in her role until December. The Council will now begin the recruitment process for the next Principal. We will keep you updated on that process.

Presbyterian & Methodist Schools Association