Official Opening of the Newly Refurbished Technology Services

In a capital works project spanning the first half of the year, today Principal, Mrs Kim Kiepe and many distinguished guests, including Senior Chaplain, Ms Chris O’Gorman, celebrated the official opening of the newly refurbished Technology Services Department.

In her address to those in attendance, Ms O’Gorman likened the new space to a biblical metaphor from a passage in 1 Corinthians 12.

“There is a wonderful passage in 1 Corinthians 12 where the apostle Paul talks about the body, and how it is made up of many different parts, and how so many of those parts are very visible and obvious,” Ms O’Gorman said.

“The passage also talks about how there are other parts that are hidden, and yet every part is essential, and I think IT services is a bit like this,” she said.

“Without IT services functioning in the way you do, we can’t do what we do as teachers in the classroom, and the School truly appreciates all of the great work you do behind the scenes and now, excitedly, in your new space.”

Completed by Badge Constructions, the $1.8m refurbishment has seen levels 3 and 4 of the existing space extended to provide further floor room to facilitate a welcoming and comfortable student support lounge with an internal connection to D-block for improved student access. The extension has also seen an expansion of the level 5 Mall roof area, which now gives students further weather-protected outdoor space.

Principal, Mrs Kim Kiepe said that the upgrade to Technology Services is yet another way Somerville House is providing exceptional learning and educational outcomes for students.

“The surroundings in this new IT space are beautifully light, bright and airy and very welcoming for our students,” Mrs Kiepe said.

“This upgrade will support our staff and students, from Year 5 right through to our Year 12 students,” she said.

“The educational offering at Somerville House is further enriched by these new Technology Services amenities.”

Designed to emulate that of a modern technology concept store, the extension facilitates collaboration and maximises the use of technology as an educational tool. Head of Technology Services, Mr Liam Scott, said upgrading and expanding the facilities allows the Technology Services team to provide a higher level of service to staff and students.

“It’s a beautiful space which has been very well designed,” Mr Scott said.

“It will allow the ICT staff the freedom to express and create their ideas, demonstrate new technologies to staff and students, and get the best level of support for all users,” he said.

“It is a space where Somerville House can show that we are at the forefront of technological advancements in ICT and maximise the use of technology as an educational tool.”