'NessCafe' Officially Open for Class of 2019

The new year began with considerable excitement for Year 12 students as they celebrated the 2019 opening of the ‘NessCafe’. An ode to past Principal, Dr Ness Goodwin, the wittily named kitchenette is a much-anticipated privilege reserved exclusively for Somerville House Seniors. 

A part of Somerville House life since 1975, the kitchenette was initially used as both a Senior’s coffee shop and a catering kitchen for functions held in Harker Hall. However, it wasn’t until later that the kitchenette proved an asset to the Boarding House. 

Somerville House archivist, Ms Kate Bottger, spoke of the kitchenette’s history and how it was utilised by past boarders to improve their culinary skills. 

“Because of the kitchenette’s popularity amongst the boarders, a roster had to be drawn up to cater for all who wished to practice their kitchen skills,” she said. 

Nowadays the kitchenette is an honour Year 12 students eagerly await from the moment they enter the Senior School; offering them exclusive use of microwaves and a place to make their beloved Milo

“Having the ability to use the microwaves, kettles and fridges makes everything a lot easier,” said Year 12 student Celeste K.

“[It] makes being in Year 12 feel real.”

With the opening of the kitchenette scheduled before their first lunch as the 2019 Seniors, Year 12 student Michelle T spoke of how the entire cohort gathered with excitement to watch the official ribbon cutting ceremony. 

“Everyone was there [at the opening],” she said.

“The kitchenette unites us. It is another opportunity to have a shared space together.” 

“It is a rite of passage,” said Michelle.

Also present on the day of the opening was Head of Senior School, Ms Gayle Harris, School and Vice Captains, and Head of Year 12, Ms Adriana Barter.