Garry Youngberry visits Somerville House Prep students

Recently, Somerville House Prep students received an exciting visit from Channel 9 Television Meteorologist, Garry Youngberry, coinciding with their Term 3 Science topic 'The Weather in my World'. Accompanied by a Channel 9 Camera Operator, Garry discussed his role as a weather presenter, fielded many insightful student questions and spoke about how he prepares his nightly weather report.

“What I do each day I get into work is I look at the satellite,” Garry said. 

“With the satellite, I do my research to see where the weather is occurring that day and forecast it,” he said.

“Sometimes, if the weather is really bad, you will find me on location, often right in the middle of that weather,” he said.

Prep teacher, Mrs Ann Zenko said that Garry’s visit fit in perfectly with their Term 3 Science topic, as students are exploring change in the world around them, including changes that affect them, such as the weather.

“Garry’s visit was an amazing learning opportunity for the Prep students,” Mrs Zenko said.

“Their current unit of learning links science with literacy in the classroom, developing our student’s beliefs and understandings about the air, sun and wind as they work through hands-on activities,” she said.

“They learn that seeking answers to questions they pose and making observations is a core part of studying science.”

“They thoroughly enjoyed meeting Garry, the weather presenter and asked some terrific questions,” Mrs Zenko said. 

Following Garry’s visit, the students were asked to create pictures and write reflections based on their experience. Prep student, Flora L, wrote her reflection about how she was excited when she arrived at the Cotton Library to see Garry and his cameraman.

“It was fun when we went to the library to see Garry, the weatherman,” Flora said.

“He taught us about the weather and told us all about the clouds,” she said.

“We learnt a lot of things about the weather.”