Tuesday 24 March 2020

Tuesday 24 March 2020

A short video was shared with the School community via email outlining the School's plans for the end of Term 1, in response to the evolving COVID-19 situation.   

In summary: 

  • Tuesday 24 March - communication to community advising that the School will move to an online learning program from Tuesday 31 March, and the last day of on-campus learning will be Wednesday 25 March. There will be no academic program offered for three days, as a professional learning program will operate for staff, as per the program below:
  • Thursday 26 March - student free day, with teachers preparing online resources 
  • Friday 27 March - student free day, with teachers preparing online resources
  • Monday 30 March - student free day, with teachers preparing online resources
  • Tuesday 31 March - Day 1 Somerville@HOME
  • Wednesday 1 April - Day 2 Somerville@HOME 
  • Thursday 2 April - Day 3 Somerville@HOME 
  • Friday 3 April  -  student free day.  All staff on special leave given the unusual times.  

Note – from Thursday 26 March – School remains open for those families who do not have the ability to stay at home and care for children due to work commitments, and to ensure essential workers are able to continue in the job they are doing.  Those students will be supervised at school. When the Somerville@Home academic program commences on Tuesday 31 March, the students will continue to be supervised at school, while completing the program as if there were at home.

From Thursday 26 March until Monday 30 March, the teaching staff will be unable to respond to individual email communication, due to the professional learning program. Somerville@HOME Protocols will be shared with the School community in the coming days.