​Tuesday 17 March 2020, 5.00pm

Tuesday 17 March 2020, 5.00pm

Although there is no new information regarding school closures, Somerville House has been planning for the continued provision of education for your daughters. Teaching staff have been working together to determine the best way forward for their subject or year level and have been considering both short-term and long-term options. Heads of Department and classroom teachers have been working to ensure continuity of learning for all students, regardless of their internet capabilities. Our staff will use platforms already familiar to our students to deliver engaging lessons.     

We have devised a two-phase approach should the suspension of face-to-face lessons be necessary.     

Short-term Suspension 

Junior School 

Each morning, your daughter will receive communication from her classroom teacher, providing an outline for the day. Where possible, the teacher will engage with the girls online to ensure they have the chance to ask questions and connect with the teacher.      

Senior School

Each morning, your daughter will be contacted and advised of the day’s activities and notices. She will be instructed to follow her normal timetable and access My Subjects for instructions and lesson materials. Teachers will use platforms and resources best suited to their subject and students’ competency with technology. Group communication will be prioritised so that students can connect with and assist each other, in addition to ongoing contact with subject teachers.  

Long-term Suspension

At the end of Term 1, our PMSA professional learning day will be allocated to additional staff training in online lesson delivery and the use of educational applications. If necessary, the School will deliver this program remotely to expand teachers’ educational toolkit and skills in relation to eLearning, so they are best equipped to address the needs of their students in the longer term.  Additionally, we will be providing activities and information to maintain community and assist students in maintaining a connection with peers and teachers. Offline activities to minimise screen time and maintain physical and emotional wellbeing will also be provided. 

Student Wellbeing

The Junior School classroom teachers and Senior School Heads of Year will be available to your daughter during any closure if she wishes to speak to them about anything that is concerning her. Additionally, our School Psychologist will be available for remote appointments.    

As a school community, we will all be learning collaboratively and remaining flexible in this unprecedented situation. A dedicated feedback channel will be implemented to ensure you and your daughter have an avenue for contact if she has any difficulty.