Junior School Support and Resources

Student Leadership

All students have the opportunity to be a monitor within their class group and the Junior School as a whole. Year 6 students are elected to positions as Junior School Captains and House Captains.

There are roles for monitors in Sport, Art, Chess, Music, Library, Computers, SUPA Club and Science. The students also have a buddy student.

Parent Orientations

There are a number of opportunities for parents to familiarise themselves with Somerville House including the Information and Orientation Sessions conducted in October/November prior to the year of entry.

There are also a number of functions to help welcome parents into the start of the new school year including our Information Sessions for the various sub-schools or year levels, as well as our 'Welcome to Parents' function. New parents are encouraged to attend a wonderful social evening of reacquainting with other parents as well as meeting new parents.

As well as parent groups that support co-curricular programs in the School, parents are also encouraged to become involved in the activities arranged by the Junior School Support Group.

Outdoor and Co-Curricular Activities

The Junior School Co-curricular program caters for students' diverse abilities and offers a chance to form life-long interests outside the academic field. Our programs enable students to develop their abilities, and provide an opportunity to compete or perform.

All students are encouraged to participate in our Co-curricular program which provides opportunities in a wide range of activities that include sporting, cultural, musical, social and personal areas. It is expected that students participate in school co-curricular activities over club and private participation, where the school is able to provide the opportunities. Through these activities, each student has the opportunity to develop her potential - spiritually, socially, physically and culturally