Your daughter will find her voice with our 24/7 Tour

120 years ago, Miss Eliza Fewings founded a school designed to educate young women and equip them to take a leading role in the creation of an emerging nation. Fast forward to the present day, and Somerville House continues to nurture young women who liberate their imaginations, embrace creativity and value the life-long, enriching undertaking of learning.

A wealth of knowledge and opportunity lie within our walls, empowering your daughter to make an impact in the modern world – embracing who she is. 

At Somerville House she will find her voice.

Find Mia's Voice

Take a tour with Mia through the Junior School Playground

Find Tamara's Voice

Take a tour with Tamara in her Year 6 classroom

Find Sisley's Voice

Take a tour with Sisley to the oval

Find Bianca's Voice

Take a tour with Bianca through the Boarding House

Find Abby's Voice

Take a tour with Abby through the Cotton Library

Find Suhani's Voice

Take a tour with Suhani of the whole school