In 2021, 234 generous members of the School community gave $393,407. 

Foundation donors are celebrated at VIP events like SomerFire and are entitled to apply for Foundation Membership once their gifts exceed $2K. 

Your gifts allow the Foundation to enhance co-curricular programs, build incredible facilities and offer deserving & talented students opportunities to gain from a first-class education.


Mrs Helen Ait Oumeziane (Class of 1981)
Dr Azzeddine Ait Oumeziane

Mr John & Mrs Angela Aloisi

Mr Ben & Mrs Roberta Armstrong

Mr Richard & Mrs Kirrily Auchter


Mrs Helen Barnard (Class of 1985)

Ms Rebecca Bauer (Class of 1988)

Mrs Noelene Bellchambers (Class of 1985)
Mr Peter Bellchambers

Miss Katya Bennett-Woodger (Class of 2014)

Mr Craig & Mrs Sonya Beyers

Mr David Bick & Ms Amanda Paterson

Mr Wade & Mrs Sally Bidstrup

Dr Pretoria Bilinski (Class of 1987)
Mr Alex Bilinski

Ms Sarah Bird (Class of 1988)
Mr Michael Wallis

Mr Peter & Mrs Lesley Bishop

Mr Stephen & Mrs Tracy Board

Mr Martin & Mrs Sian Breen

Mr Archie Brice

Mr Ian & Mrs Emma Bromell

Mr Todd & Mrs Arabella Brown

Mr Rod & Mrs Felicity Brown

Mrs Wendy Brown (Class of 1997)
Mr Christopher Brown

Dr Bob Bryan AM

Dr Daniel & Mrs Geraldine Burger

Mrs Diana Burgess (Class of 1987)
Mr Simon Burgess


Mr Euan & Mrs Sharon Callister

Mrs Lila Cameron (Class of 1967)
Mr Donald Cameron

Mr Simon Burgess

Miss Elizabeth Cannon (Class of 1989)

Miss Caroline Cannon (Class of 1990)

Mr Daniel & Mrs Christine Carroll

Mr Jimmy & Mrs Anita Chang

Mrs Penny (Glenys) Charlton (Class of 1951)
Mr Ian Charlton

Mrs Anne Chater OAM (Class of 1975)

Mr James Cheung & Dr Pauline Lam

Mr Mao-Sheng Chiu & Ms Leanne Hsieh

Ms Pei-Chen Chiu (Class of 1995)
Dr Roger Liu

Ms Megan Clarke

Ms Lauren Cochrane (Class of 1999)

Miss Elinor Colaso (Class of 1993)

Dr Louise Conwell (Class of 1989)

Mr Randall & Mrs Belinda Cooney

Mr Gavin & Mrs Anne Cormack

Mrs Emma Costello

Ms Anna Cottell

Mrs Beverly Coulter (Class of 1980)

Mr Stuart Craig

Claire Crowther


Mrs Rosemary Dalton (Class of 1963)

Mr Adam & Mrs Susie Dando

Dr Pamela Davenport (Class of 1954)

Dr Sanjay & Mrs Lori Dhupelia

Mrs Diana Downes (Class of 1958)
Mr Trevor Downes

Mrs Katrina Dunks (Class of 1989)
Mr Chris Dunks


Dr Upadyaya Epa & Dr Sumedha Amarasinghe

Mr Bruce & Mrs Lisa Evans


Mrs Beverley Farley (Class of 1970)

Mrs Belinda Farmer (Class of 1979)
Dr Kent Farmer

Mr Mark Finnegan

Mr Rodger & Mrs Susan Flynn

Dr Roscoe & Mrs Kay Foreman

Ms Anna Foreman (Class of 1989)

Mr Colin & Mrs Angie Fox

Ms Elizabeth Fox (Class of 1963)

Dr Kathryn Fry

Mr Martin & Mrs Simone Fryer

Mrs Rosemary Fryer (Class of 1966)
Mr Ian Fryer

Ms Sarah Fryer (Class of 1990)


Mr Brendan Gaffney & Ms Jacqueline Armitstead

Dr Nadine Garraway (Class of 1983)
Mr Peter Dwyer

Mrs Nola Gearing (Class of 1958)

Mr Lawrence & Mrs Josephine George

Mrs Elizabeth Gilchrist AM (Class of 1962)
Mr Peter Gilchrist

Ms Petrina Gilmore

Ms Kate Golder (Class of 1995)
Mr Paul Barry

Dr Ness Goodwin, former Principal

Mr Douglas & Mrs Lori Graham

Mr Spencer Grammer

Mr David & Mrs Luvisa Grierson

Mrs Louise Gunn (Class of 1977)

Dr Diana Guthaner (Class of 1961)

Mr Andrew & Mrs Felicity Gutteridge


Mrs Thyra Harland (Class of 1951)

Mr Ian & Mrs Helen Healy

Dr Roslyn Hendriks (Class of 1974)

Mrs Jane Hennessy (Class of 1987)

Drs Wesley & Su Ing Hii

Mr Paul Hine & Ms Nyree Hatzimihail

Ms Sonia Hlavacek

Ms Dana Hobbs (Class of 1991)

Mrs Kate Hooper (Class of 1993)
Mr Ivan Hooper

Ms Kaylea Hunter

Mr Robert & Mrs Sarah Hutson

Mr Johnny Hwang & Ms Sharon Tey


Mr Benjamin & Mrs Sonya Jaaniste

Miss Kym James (Class of 1963)

Johnston Family
In memory of Lynette Johnston

Ms Margaret Jolly


Mr Mike & Mrs Denise Kaluschke

Mr George & Mrs Brooke Katsanevas

Mrs Florence Kearney, former Principal

Mrs Jeanette Kidd (Class of 1965)

Mrs Kim Kiepe, Principal

Mrs Pamela Knox (Class of 1951)

Mrs Judith Anne Kokkinn (Class of 1958)


Mr Craig & Mrs Christine Lawson

Miss Susan Lawson (Class of 1994)

Ms Dominique Layt (Class of 1987)

Mr Vu Phuoc Le & Mrs Hanh My Thi Tran

Mr Junseung Lee & Ms Shinyoung Park

Dr Sandy Lee (Class of 2007)

Mr David Lee-Steere & Dr Jane Collins

Mrs Rosalie Lewis (Class of 1975)

Mr Han Hao Liang & Mrs Zhang Jiaorong Liang

Dr Jennifer Lingard (Class of 1965)

Mr Robert & Mrs Natalie Lloyd Jones

Dr Wing Chi Lo & Dr Maria Cheung


Mr Stuart & Mrs Jane MacDonald

Mr Stuart & Mrs Emma Macfarlane

Mr Neil & Mrs Meredith MacLeod

Mrs Gweneth Macpherson (Class of 1953)

Mr Paul & Mrs Lynn Maddison

Ms Bronwyn Martoo (Class of 1991)

Miss Lesley McBride (Class of 1991)

Mrs Julie McDonald

Mrs Tracey McFarland (Class of 1990)
Mr Andrew McFarland

Mrs Kelly McIntyre (Class of 1997)
Mr Benjamin Hamilton

Mr Greg McKean & Ms Yvonne MacLeod

Mr Iain & Mrs Jeanette McKilligan

Mrs Janelle McLoughlin

Mr Derek & Mrs Fiona Meggitt

Ms Shelly Meissner (Class of 1977)

Mr Stephen & Mrs Samantha Miller

Mrs Jane Milne (Class of 1991)
Mr Alistair Milne

Mr Grant & Mrs Leith Mitchell

Mr Nathan & Mrs Rebecca Mitchell

Ms Nicole Morgan (Class of 1971)

Mrs Jeanette Morling (Class of 1966)

Dr James Morris & Dr Caroline Tsen

Mrs Marie Mortimer (Class of 1999)
Mr James Mortimer

Mrs Miriam Musgrave (Class of 1990)
Mr Martin Musgrave


Mr Minli Niu & Ms Yafen Deng

Mr Godson & Mrs Ijeoma Njoku


Mr Timothy & Mrs Jennifer O'Brien

Mr Matthew & Mrs Jennifer O'Neill


Mr Bernard & Mrs Anne Parer

Mrs Delma Paten (Class of 1955)
Mr Richard Paten

Mr Colin & Mrs Suzanne Patino

Mrs Christine Pidgeon (Class of 1955)

Miss Gaye Pitman (Class of 1971)

Ms Lisa Po (Class of 1998)
Mr Elvin Chen

Mrs Sally Pohio (Class of 1992)
Mr Raoul Pohio

Mr John Pollard

Dr Coralie Porter (Class of 1954)
Mr Geoffery Porter

Dr Louise Potter (Class of 1999)

Mr Robert & Mrs Kylie Prineas

Dr Michael Putt & Ms Ruth Moores


Mr Michael Rahilly & Ms Jacelyn Wythes

Mr Amit & Mrs Kristine Raniga

Mr Alistair Roberts & Ms Rachael Farrow-Roberts

Mrs Ingrid Robertson (Class of 1990)
Mr Dean Robertson

Dr Mark & Mrs Kimberley Robinson

Mr Tim & Mrs Sally Robinson

Mr Peter & Mrs Leisa Rose

Ms Jane Rowan (Class of 1989)
The Hon Dr Christian Rowan MP

Mrs Kerry Russell (Class of 1961)


Mr Desmond & Mrs Faye Sakkas

Dr Scott & Mrs Paula Salisbury

Mr Roy Sargent & Dr Joanne Sargeant

Mrs Vanessa Saxby (Class of 1989)
Mr Luke Saxby

Ms Trudy Naylor (Class of 1991)
Mr David Schneidewin

Mrs Tania Jacobsen-Schroor (Class of 1989)
Mr Christopher Schroor

Dr Steven & Mrs Carlie Scott

Mrs Jane Seaborn (Class of 1990)
Mr Richard Seaborn

Mr Tony & Mrs Caroline See

Mrs Dianne Sexton (Class of 1963)

Ms Lucy Seymour (Class of 1999)

Mrs Elizabeth Sharp (Class of 1998)
Dr David Sharp

Mr Peter & Mrs Marian Sheffield

Mrs Jeanne Shelburn (Class of 1990)

Dr Catherine Smith ONZM (Class of 1959)

Mr Cameron Stanley & Ms Sandra McMullan

Mr Michael & Mrs Pamela Stewart

Ms Helen Stone (Class of 1965)

Dr John & Mrs Kylie Sturgeon

Dr Lucinda Swindle (Class of 1991)
Dr Peter Swindle

Miss Edina Symonds (Class of 2000)


Dr David Thomas
In memory of Anita Thomas (Class of 1957)

Dr Frances Thomas (Class of 1952)

Mr Peter Thompson

Mrs Peta Tilse (Class of 1990)
Mr Ivan Tilse

Dr Steven & Mrs Anne Ting

Ms Jacey Ting (Class of 2002)
Mr Peter Tran

Dr Gert & Mrs Brenda Tollesson

Mrs Jill Tuffley (Class of 1956)

Mrs Vanessa Turner (Class of 1990)


Mr Stuart & Mrs Titta Waddington

Ms Sarah Washington (Class of 1997)

Mr Graeme & Mrs Elizabeth Webber

Ms Danielle Werda (Class of 1994)

Mr Travis West & Ms Teresa Brennan

Mr Christopher & Mrs Claire Whitfield

Miss Jan Whittaker (Class of 1974)

Mrs Elizabeth Wikman (Class of 1979)
Mr Graeme Wikman

Mr Samuel & Mrs Claire Willebrands

Ms Sarah Willoughby (Class of 1999)

Dr Kathleen Wilson (Class of 1964)

Dr Sue Wilson

Mr Tom Wong & Ms Julianna Ting

Mr Helvin Wong & Ms Florence Li

Miss Leslie Wong (Class of 1998)

Miss Jennifer Wool (Class of 1981)

Mrs Wendy Beatrix Wool (Class of 1957)


Mr Christopher & Mrs Candice Yabsley

Dr Catherine Yelland

Mrs Anne Young (Class of 1954)

Mr Yaning Yu & Ms Zhenzhen Sha

Mrs Louise Yunker (Class of 1991)
Mr Karl Yunker

Premium Partners & Event Sponsors

Thank you to those businesses that provided silent auction items to raise funds for Foundation Scholarships named in honour of Dr Russell Bird & Mrs Elizabeth Gilchrist AM.

Thank you also to our 2022 Premium Partner, Place Estate Agents.

We also acknowledge Event Sponsor, the Motorama Group, for their generous support.