The Somerville House Foundation has established two different pathways for Support Groups and families to support co-curricular programs at the School.

Gifts to Somerville House via either the ASF or the Cultural Fund support the development of equipment, facilities, coaching and training for sporting and cultural programs at the School. 

Australian Sports Foundation (ASF)

The Australian Sports Foundation (ASF) provide P&F Support Groups with a platform they can leverage to raise funds for approved projects.

Tax deductible donations support travel and equipment and will make a difference to girls who actively participate in sports where specific projects have been approved.

By using the Australian Sports Foundation supporters can be confident their gifts will be used for their intended purpose.

To discuss your donation or direct your gift to a sport not listed, please contact Petrina Gilmore, Director of Philanthropy, P +61 7 3033 9289 or E:

Cultural Fund

In 2018 the Somerville House Foundation established the Cultural Fund as a deductible gift recipient fund, which is listed on the Register of Cultural Organisations (ROCO), to assist Support Groups with their fundraising activities. 

Gifts to the Cultural Fund tax deductible.

The nine activities that can utilise the Cultural Fund are listed on individual tiles below with P&F Support Group projects which have been approved by the Principal and the School’s Co-Curricular office outlined in greater detail in the ‘accordion’ which follows. 

Christian Fellowship
Co-curricular Drama
Duke of Edinburgh

Funding for School Organ Repairs

As many of you are aware, the School Pipe organ in the Valmai Pidgeon Performing Arts Centre (VPAC) has been in urgent need of repairs/refurbishment for some time. 

Funds are urgently required to complete this work in order to bring this magnificent organ back to its original condition.

Depending upon funding - Brisbane company Pierce Pipe Organs, specialists in the required repairs (outlined below), could complete this work over the Christmas school holidays with minimal disruption to the use of VPAC .

There are some 1,450 pipes on the three main soundboards and a further 116 of the large pipes of the Pedal. The Pedal pipes and the organ surrounds have already been cleaned but the soundboard pipes have not. They are covered in dirt and dust and are not ‘speaking’ properly. The soundboard pipes need to be removed and cleaned with a light wash and rinse. Some of the tuning slides are rusting and require replacement. The reed pipes need to be stripped and the tongues and shallots cleaned. The soundboards also need to be vacuumed and wiped down with a damp cloth. The pipes then need to be installed back onto the soundboards, carefully regulated so they are even in tone and loudness and then the whole organ fine-tuned.

Total cost, including all parts and labour, $25,100.00 ($27,610.00 GST Incl.)

If anyone would like further information, or would like to view the Pipe Organ please contact Will Eager, Director of Music.


Robotics Equipment - Funding for new Lego Spike platforms

According to RoboCup Junior, Somerville House has the largest Robotics program at a girls’ school in Australia. 

We are exceptionally proud of our students’ achievements with the recent success by the Somerville House team, which represented Australia in OnStage – Around the World; winning the award for Best SuperTeam along with teams from Japan and China.

Somerville House Robotics is looking to complement its EV3 robots with the new Lego Spike platform which has additional sensors, motors, ports and uses the Scratch and Python coding taught in Middle Years. These new robots would build on Somerville House Robotics’ mission to continuously engage students through engaging activities to think critically and solve complex problems, regardless of their learning level. 

We hope to raise $5,000 which would enable us to purchase ten Lego Spike robots and would significantly enhance our current program. Click here or on the tile above and select Robotics from the drop down menu to make a tax deductible donation.

Sincere thanks to anyone willing to support our girls and enable their success.

Service Learning