The Somerville House Foundation established the Cultural Fund as a deductible gift recipient fund, which is listed on the Register of Cultural Organisations (ROCO), to facilitate Support Groups’ fundraising capability.

Gifts to the Fund are tax deductible.

Somerville House P&F Support Groups campaigns which have been approved by the Principal and the School’s Co-Curricular office are listed individually in the ‘accordion’ below. 

The Australian Sports Foundation (ASF) provides Support groups with a platform which they can leverage for fundraising for approved projects.

Christian Fellowship
Co-curricular Drama
Duke of Edinburgh

According to RoboCup Junior, Somerville House has the largest Robotics program at a girls’ school in Australia. 

In 2019, a Somerville House OnStage team qualified to enter the International Robocup 2020 (since postponed to 2021), the first for the school in twelve years.

Robot Builds - Funding for EV3 bricks

EV3 bricks form the essential basis of all Junior and Intermediate robot builds. In July 2020 Somerville House Robotics had 72 EV3 bricks that functioned. 

At least ten new bricks should be bought each year at a cost of $5,220 to maintain our current program.

Service Learning