The Somerville House Foundation has supported campus development at the School since 1992.

Many within the Somerville community have a deep appreciation for the history of the School. The success of the 2019 Annual Appeal led to the first stage of restorations within the Heritage Heart of Somerville with the Cumbooquepa Stained Glass Restoration (PDF 796KB).

Heritage Heart of Somerville

In 1920 architects Chambers and Powell designed A Block, an L-shaped two-storey extension, completed in 1926, featuring a gymnasium, chemistry and biology laboratories, with six classrooms, music rooms and a room for commercial work on the upper level. Refurbishments will transform these rooms into contemporary academic learning spaces, whilst preserving the heritage façade.

Current Projects

Cumbooquepa Restorations

A heritage-listed house, designed by George Henry Male Addison, was added to the Queensland Heritage Register in 1992. Stephens built Cumbooquepa in 1890 on land acquired in 1856 by Thomas Blacket Stephens, a politician, newspaper proprietor and businessman, who became Brisbane's second mayor. The house remained in the family until 1919 when the Presbyterian and Methodist Schools Association purchased the property as premises for the Brisbane High School for Girls. In 1920 Somerville House was added to the title of the school honouring Mary Somerville, a Scottish scientist whose name was also associated with Somerville College at the University of Oxford.

Dunn Road Sports development

Fondly referred to as Somerfields. Spread over 15.4 hectares of land, just 10.2 km from the School, with plans in place to build world class sporting and recreational facilities to benefit every student. Multipurpose facilities will provide a hub for support groups and clubs to host co-curricular events, meetings and functions.