These annual awards are an opportunity for Somerville House to celebrate and acknowledge our Old Girls excellence. We recognise our past students who have achieved outstanding success in one of the following areas of service:

1. Service to their profession
2. Service to the community
3. Service to Somerville House


Somerville House Old Girls can apply for one of two categories:

Principal's Award for Somerville House Old Girl of the Year 
This award is for a past student who is 30 years of age and over, who has demonstrated significant accomplishments in their personal and professional life, or for service to Somerville House, their community, or country. 

Principal's Award for Somerville House Young Old Girl of the Year
This award is for a past student who is under 30 years of age, who has achieved significant accomplishments in their personal and professional life, or for service to Somerville House, their community, or country, within a relatively short period.

Nominations close on Monday 24 June at 5.00pm.


1. Complete the Nomination Form below.
2. Provide a current professional CV/resume of the Nominee.
3. Provide a written statement (maximum 500 words) detailing why the Nominee deserves to be recognised and how they meet the criteria for the award (described above).
4. Include any supporting evidence: awards, media clippings, video footage, etc.
5. Complete your nomination by Monday 26 June, 5.00pm.
6. Any incomplete nominations or nominations submitted after the deadline will not progress.

  • Applicants may self-nominate or be nominated for an award. Applications will only be considered by completing the Nomination Form by the due date.
  • The selection panel comprising of the Principal, and two representatives from the Somerville House community, will determine the recipient shortlist, these decisions are final, and no communication will be entered into with any person in relation to any decision by the selection panel. The Principal will determine the Award winners.
  • The selection panel reserves the right to allow nominations to remain valid for up to two years. Nominators will be advised and will be responsible for updating additional information during this time.
  • Nominations can be made by current or past staff, students and parents.
  • Nominees must have completed their senior schooling at Somerville House but may have left earlier than Year 12.
  • The selection panel reserves the right not to allocate an award if there are no entries of sufficient merit. The number of awards allocated in each category will be at the selection panel's discretion.
  • Awards will not be awarded posthumously.
  • Current executive/board members of the Somerville House Council, Somerville House Foundation, Old Girls' Association, and Parents and Friends Association are not eligible to be nominated.
  • All nominations are confidential.
  • Unsuccessful nominators and nominees will be personally contacted regarding the outcome of the nomination. 
  • All Award recipient's details and images will be published and used for marketing and communications activities.
  • Award recipients may be announced in Somerville House publications prior to the award-giving ceremony during Commemoration Day, or an event determined by the Principal.
  • Somerville House reserve the right to disqualify a nomination, if a nominee is found at any stage, to have given any false or misleading information, or the nomination brings the Awards into public disrepute or ridicule or offends public opinion or reflects unfavourably upon the Awards' reputation.