Study and Prep

Implementing highly effective study habits impacts not only academic success but also a student’s ability to better cope with competing demands and deadlines.

Boarders are provided with the tools, routine and guidance they require to study smarter, to ensure adequate homework, reading and revision is carried out while also encouraging the development of their own disciplined study habits.

All boarding students have a set period of Prep before and after dinner each night, Monday to Thursday, under varying levels of supervision dependent on Year Level. 

The program for Study Prep from Monday to Thursday is as follows: 

  • For Years 6 to 10 - 6.30pm to 8.30pm with an optional break at 7.45pm in the common areas within each Hall
  • For Years 11 and 12 - 6.30pm to 8.30pm with an optional break at 7.45pm in rooms at study desk. 

The time set for Prep is a minimum guide. Many girls will want, or need, to do extra study. After bedtime, quiet study is permissible by arrangement with the House Supervisor.

Boarders will also have weekend homework which they complete unsupervised and in their own time.

The importance of Prep time is reinforced through basic but critical requirements including:

  • Boarders are required to remain at their desks, to avoid moving around and disturbing others.
  • Boarders must be organised and bring everything and only what is needed, to avoid distractions and time wastage.
  •  All devices not used directly for study, (i.e. mobile phones and iPods) are banned during Prep time.
  • Boarders are required to remain silent, to ensure adequate levels of concentration can be maintained. Earphones may be used for listening tasks related to revision or homework. 

In addition, through the generosity of the Boarders’ Support Group, the Boarding House has a dedicated Boarders’ Library allowing students to borrow for reading during quiet time.

In the event private tutoring is required, this can be arranged through the Dean of Students in consultation with the Head of Boarding.