Recreation and Leave

Boarders are actively encouraged and supported to experience all aspects of school life including sport, music and additional co-curricular activities, as offered by the School, both on and off campus. 

In addition, students may also choose to participate in club sports and part-time work, undertake cultural excursions at the many art galleries, museums and theatre facilities situated on our doorstep, as well as organised impromptu social activities with fellow students, friends and family. 

The Head of Boarding, and relevant Boarding Staff, will work with students, and parents as necessary, to co-ordinate student participation or attendance and ensure relevant approval processes and safety considerations are implemented at all times.

Somerville House has a structured, yet liberal, leave schedule for its Boarders which includes the following leave types:

  • After School Leave
  • Family Dinner Leave 
  • Weekend Day Leave 
  • Overnight Leave
  • Weekend Leave

Variations to the type of leave, the location, time periods, and accompaniment requirements are generally dependent on the age or year level of the Boarder.