Boarding Life

The welfare of all Boarders is of upmost importance to Somerville House staff. The School provides a safe and secure environment in which the girls can live and learn. Our staff are qualified and experienced in nurturing their physical, emotional and spiritual well-being.

Our Big Sister Program, where all Boarders are responsible for a little sister, assists new Boarders to experience a positive transition into their new environment. Big sisters help their adopted sibling to become accustomed to their new living arrangements and routines, to minimise the natural feelings of homesickness, and provide a shoulder to lean on and learn from during this critical settling in period.

This program has been a great success over the years, helping Somerville House Boarders to develop lifelong friendships, where age is irrelevant and shared experience is everything.

Boarder Safety

The Somerville House Boarding House is wired with an automatic security system that is activated after hours.  Smoke detectors are fitted in all areas, and regular fire drills are held to ensure all staff and Boarders are practiced in fire safety and evacuation procedures.

To further ensure individual safety, Boarders are not permitted to leave the School grounds without the approval of the Boarding Supervisor on duty and corresponding procedures are in place to facilitate this process.

Boarder Health Services

Boarders have access to a range of high quality medical services including a registered nursing sister who staffs the School Clinic on weekdays from 8.00am - 3.30pm, clinic appointments by a visiting GP, appointments with a visiting physiotherapist and access to a visiting dietitian as well as preferred doctors, dentists and specialists in the local area, also accessible after hours.

The close proximity of the Mater Hospitals, both public and private, is also of great benefit, and parents are assured that if hospitalisation is needed, this can be arranged within minutes.