House System

All six Somerville House colour houses were named to honour outstanding women in Australian history.


Chisholm House is Yellow and named in honour of Caroline Chisholm, a progressive 19th-century English humanitarian known mostly for her involvement with female immigrant welfare in Australia.


Franklin House is Red and named in honour of Jane Franklin, a Tasmanian pioneer and traveller.


Macarthur House is Blue and named in honour of Elizabeth Macarthur, an Anglo-Australian pastoralist and merchant who managed a sheep station and was one of the first to whip merino wool to Britain.


Durack House is Black and named in honour of Mary Durack, a resourceful pioneer pastoralist, surviving all the difficulties of the outback.


Gilmore House is Pink and named in honour of Mary Gilmore, a prominent Australian socialist poet and journalist.


Osburn House is Green and named in honour of Lucy Osburn, an English nurse trained at the School of Nursing founded by Florence Nightingale. She is regarded as the founder of modern nursing in Australia.