Somerville House aims to provide a safe and caring environment for all members of the School community. 

In this Christian school it is of particular concern that the principles which Jesus so strongly espoused of ‘love for one’s neighbour’ be carried out as fully as possible.   Bullying or harassment will not be tolerated at Somerville House.   Bullying is the repeated use of power and/or oppression (psychological or physical), by a more powerful individual or group of persons against a less powerful person.   Bullying can include but is not limited to:

  • Physical and psychological intimidation or abuse
  • Verbal abuse especially name-calling
  • Cruel teasing
  • Removing and hiding belongings
  • Threatening or menacing gestures
  • Exclusion that is malicious
  • Spreading malicious rumours
  • Cyber assault (any of the above can occur with the use of technology including telephones, videophones, computers) and other behaviours.

The School encourages the reporting, by the victim or any concerned person, of suspected bullying behaviour, to a responsible adult. This adult could be, but is not limited to, a class teacher, boarding mistress, homeroom teacher/tutor, a Head of Year, a School counsellor or a parent.

Victims of bullying will be supported.
All reports will be taken seriously and all bullying incidents will be investigated.
Incidents will be dealt with by a combined group of staff who are responsible for the discipline and care of the individuals involved.
Action taken will proceed from a conflict resolution approach. Measures may include individual counselling of victims and bullies, group mediation and/or a graded range of sanctions, (verbal admonition, withdrawal of privileges, detentions, suspension, expulsion or dismissal). The Heads of Sub-Schools and/or the Principal, as appropriate, will be informed.
Parents of students affected will be informed of allegations of serious and/or ongoing bullying behaviour among students.
If the situation continues to cause conflict, further review will be instigated at the request of any of the parties involved.