Class of 2018 Scholars' Assembly

Forty-three students from the Class of 2018 were welcomed back to Somerville House for the annual Scholars’ Assembly to celebrate their high academic performance. Each of the scholars was recognised for receiving an Overall Position (OP) of 1 to 4, with the results a culmination of hard work, diligence and resilience; all highly valued qualities of Somerville House students.

Officiating the Assembly was Head of Senior School, Ms Gayle Harris, and Principal, Mrs Kim Kiepe, who acknowledged the very high academic standard from the 2018 cohort. 

“High academic performance is at the core of our mission,” said Mrs Kiepe.

“Somerville House students consistently outperformed the state with their results with 97.8% of students receiving between OP 1 to 15,” she said.

“39.3% received an OP between 1 to 5.”

“So it is appropriate that we applaud the fruits of their hard work; the persistence and diligence that is necessary for high academic performance,” she said.

Addressing the current student body, Mrs Kiepe went onto explain what these results meant for the 2018 cohort, applying it to study pathways and tertiary education offers.

“Additionally 100% of all Year 12 students achieved their Queensland Certificate of Education (QCE),” said Mrs Kiepe.

“For the 2018 cohort, this means that almost 100% of students received first-round offers of tertiary places,” she said.

Also on display were individual courses and subjects undertaken by forty-three scholars throughout Years 11 and 12, as well as their leadership positions and co-curricular activities. This information was designed to give current students a feel for the various subjects and activities on offer at Somerville House, and how they can lead to diverse study pathways. The information also highlighted the many significant achievements of our 2018 Academic program, with some awarded scholarships from universities such as Bond University and the University of Queensland; one even receiving an offer from Harvard University.

Of the OP 1 to 5 recipients, a handful were invited to share their advice and motivational messages to students upon receiving their scholar certificates. Imogen Scott, who has commenced her studies at The University of Cambridge, United Kingdom, spoke of how Year 12 required firm determination and self-belief.

“I’d say overall Year 12 is a really rocky ride, I know I had a lot of highs and lows,” Imogen said.

“But I’d say that during these lows it is really important to remember not to give up on yourself and not to put yourself down,” she said.

“One bad grade is really nothing in the grand scheme of things, and your OP doesn’t determine the path you take in life, so don’t give up”.

Students also heard from Marni Crofts, who has embarked on a Bachelor of Nursing and Bachelor of Behavioural Science (Psychology). She encouraged students to look after their wellbeing and embrace all of the opportunities Year 12 presents.

“To the Year 12 students, you’re about to have an incredible year,” Marni said.

“So embrace all of it, have heaps of fun and be mindful of your personal wellbeing because that’s really important,” she said.

“And also, evidently, you can do Maths A and still get a good OP!”.