Academic programs at Somerville House are underpinned by the School's unique Curriculum Framework which emphasises engagement, excellence, empowerment and diversity in teaching and learning.

With the School's Christian values at the core, the curriculum ensures each student from Pre-Preparatory to Year 12 is provided with rich opportunities for critical, creative thinking and rigorous, independent learning.

The School's curriculum, continually informed by well-founded educational research, encourages students to develop their expertise as learners and maintain high standards.

A strong focus is given to using emerging technologies to maximise learning. Opportunities are provided in classrooms to extend classroom learning, providing additional challenge for high achieving students.

Learning Enhancement is provided in the Junior and Middle Schools for students who require learning consolidation.

Curriculum in the Early Learning Centre is informed by Queensland Kindergarten Learning Guideline, Early Years Curriculum Guidelines and the Early Years Learning Framework. Courses of study in the Junior and Middle Schools are derived from the Australian Curriculum and the Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority syllabuses in key learning areas.

Learning in the Senior School has a strong focus on tertiary entrance. Subjects in Year 11 and 12 meet the standards and requirements of the QCAA's Authority subject syllables. Options are available for individualised, vocationally-orientated programs which allow alternate pathways to tertiary study. Eligible Year 12 students can also participate in the School's Enhancement program, undertaking university level studies as part of their academic program.