Teaching and Learning

At Somerville House, we work within the guidelines of all legislated curriculum. As an independent school, we have the ability to go beyond these requirements. The Australian Curriculum not only outlines what knowledge students will learn, but also emphasises the skills that students need to demonstrate.  The Curriculum also influences how we assess what students know and can do. Students are required to apply their knowledge in different ways.  

Students are assessed in meaningful and authentic ways. Assessment of their knowledge and skills is ongoing, with feedback provided to students throughout the process to allow them to monitor their own progress and continually strive to reach their potential.   

We inspire our students to be engaged in their learning and strive to reach their potential by enhancing their individual strengths. Our students are continually creating pathways for future learning and developing positive learning behaviours. 

Somerville House students are critical and creative thinkers. They are a part of a community of learners and they are always striving for excellence. Our teachers are passionate about providing programmes that support your child’s growth across all areas. Their learning journey is a partnership between students, parents and the school.

The Junior School features a specialist Science Laboratory, Music Room and Art Room, with specialist teachers in Art, Health and Physical Education, Music, Christian Education, Information Literacy, Languages and Drama. 

Technology is an integral part of the curriculum and is embedded across all year levels. All Year 6 students use individual laptops. Students in Years 4 – 6 are also involved in Outdoor Education Camps.