Somerville House Foundation

Honour Board

Donors to the Cumbooquepa Stained Glass Window Restoration:

$5000 - $9999

Mrs Helen Barnard
Ms Rebecca Jane Bauer
Mrs Isabel Bauer
Elizabeth and Caroline Cannon
Mrs Rosalie Lewis
Mrs Miriam Musgrave
Dr Neroli O’Connell
Dr Coralie Porter
Dean, Christine and Margot Prangley
On behalf of the women in my family: Joan Axon, her daughters Susan, Elizabeth and Katherine Urquhart and granddaughters Jacqui and Claire Noble who are all old girls.
In memory of my wonderful godmother Marjorie Robertson and her twin sister Mary Robina who were the great granddaughters of Thomas and Anna Stephens and were also old girls.
Ms Liz Washington

$1000 - $4999

Ms Elizabeth Fox
Miss Naida Haxton AM
Mr Michael and Mrs Margaret Hooper
Miss Amanda Kay Johnson
Mrs Ruth Kidd
Dr Jennifer Lingard
Ms Trudy Naylor
Ms Bethwyn Todd

$0 - $999

Class of 1959, 60 Year Reunion
Mrs Helen Alexander
Mr and Mrs Ian and Gillian Alfredson
Mrs Janice F Anderson
Mrs Suzanne Angell
Mrs Cynthia Atkinson
Mrs Ann Beatty
Mrs Barbara Bedwell
Mr Christopher and Mrs Helen Beech
Miss Lauren Beech
Mrs Catherine Braddock
Dr Kaye Brand
Mrs Mary Brimblecombe
Mrs Janet Bruce
Dr Desley Buchan
Mr Don and Mrs Lila Cameron
Mrs Carides
Mrs Anne Chater
Dr Pamela Chick
Ms Anna Coles
Mrs Judith Connolly
Mrs Margaret Cory
Miss Catherine Cougan
Ms Sarah Fryer
Miss Helen Daniels
Miss Pamela Davenport
Mrs Helen DeLacy
Mrs Margaret Dorrstein
Mr Trevor and Mrs Diana Downes
Mrs Pamela Downing
Mrs Diana Dredge
Mrs Mary Dunn
Mrs Helen Ellemor
Mrs Jennifer Farmer AM
Ms Pat Fleming
Mrs Foster
Mrs Jenny Frith
Mrs Jill Frith


Mrs Anna Fuller
Mrs Nola Gearing
Mrs Leila Gillman
Mr Alan and Mrs Wendy Grummitt
Mrs Sally Hall
Mrs Ann Hecksher
Miss Pamela Hill
Dr Rhyl Hinwood AM
Mrs Kaye Hockey
Mrs Margaret Houghton
Mrs Annette Jell
Mrs Elizabeth Jolly
Mrs Cathryn Jordan
Dr Elaine Katte-Primrose
Mrs Pamela Knox
Mrs Suwannee Kotala
Mrs Kay Larkin
Mrs Lavis OAM
Ms Dominique Layt
Dr Betty Lee
Mrs Joanne Martel
Mrs Gail McCallum
Mrs Jennifer McConnell
Mrs Maxine McElnea
Miss Catriona McKay
Dr Judith McKay
Dr Penelope McSweeney
Mrs Barbara Merefield
Miss Millett
Dr Jennifer Mills
Mrs Jeanette Morling
Mrs Susan Muller
Mrs Marina Muller
Mrs Ian and Mrs Patricia Munro
Mrs Judith Noble
Dr Marjorie Patel
Mrs Carolyn Pearce
Mr Phil Petch
Miss Valmai Pidgeon AM
Mrs Shail Powers
Betty Davidson & Robin Rae
Mrs Janet Raymond
Mrs Judith Reid
Mrs Susan Revie
Dr Eleanor Rowley
Mrs Barbara Schmidt
Mrs Copland Schmidt
Mrs Hilary Scott
Dr Catherine H Smith
Mrs June Smith
Dr Eftyhia Stavrou
Mrs Melpa Stavrou
Mrs Rosemary Stephenson
Miss Ailsa Stephenson
Dr Miriam Stocks
Ms Helen Stone
Mrs Louise Strasser
Mrs Jeanette Stringer
Dr Margaret Sullivan
Dr Frances Thomas
Mrs Elizabeth Thorne
Ms Helen Trochoulias
Mrs Jill Tuffley
Ms Sophie Vander
Mrs Jennifer Walker
Mrs Dianne Weidner AM
Mrs Joan Wescoe
Mrs Rayleigh Winten
Mrs Melinda Wong
Dr Roslyn Young
Mrs Elizabeth Young

Donors to the Building Fund:



$1000 - $4999

Mrs Elizabeth Barnes
Mrs Kanchana Bishop
Dr Steven and Mrs Anne Ting

$0 -$999

Mr Michael and Mrs Claire Burcham
Mr Don and Mrs Lila Cameron
Mr Trevor and Mrs Diana Downes
Mrs Esdene Kruger
Mrs Lorraine Logan
Miss Fiona Penfold
Mr Mark and Mrs Pinfang Seeto
Mr Peter Thompson
Mr Xubing Wang and Ms Ningjing Fu
Mr Herbert and Mrs Lin Zhou

Donors to the Scholarships & Bursaries Fund:


Mr Ian and Mrs Patricia Brusasco OAM
Mr Peter Thompson

$5000 - $9999

Mr Peter and Mrs Elizabeth Gilchrist AM
Mr Cameron Gregory

$1000 - $4999

Ms Liz Washington
Ms Danielle Werda

$0 - $999

Dr John and Mrs Gwenda Apel
Mr Blok and Ms Brunello
Mr Rod and Mrs Felicity Brown
Mr Capes and Ms Martinson
Dr Sally Crane
Mr Peter and Mrs Mary Foster
Dr Trevor and Mrs Andrea Gervais
Dr Sandy Lee
Mr Andrew and Mrs Kerrie Mattiske
Mr Derek and Mrs Fiona Meggitt
Mr Saxon Mew
Mr Nathan and Mrs Rebecca Mitchell
Mr Raoul and Mrs Sally Pohio
Mrs Heather Rush
Mrs Marie E Smith
Mr Gert and Mrs Brenda Tollesson
Dr John and Mrs Gayle Yaxley
Mr Michael and Mrs Helen Young
Anonymous (2)

Donors to the Cultural Fund:

$1000 - $4999

Mr Mizhong Su and Ms Yishuang Huang

$0 - $999

Mrs Isabel Bauer
Mrs Elizabeth Sneesby
Miss Jan Whittaker

Donors to the Sports Fund:

$0 - 999


*Donor listing correct and current as at 25 November 2019

You Make the Difference

This year has seen us welcome our new Principal Mrs Kim Kiepe, introduce our own customer relationship management system enabling greater insights and communications with our members and donors, and support the school in restoring some of the southern hemisphere's most exquisite stained glass windows.  

With your support we have continued to fundraise for scholarships and bursaries and buildings along with introducing new tax deductible funds which provide donors with more choice for their contributions.

We hope you enjoy reading the 2019 Impact Report, and we thank you for your continued support of the Somerville House Foundation and our girls in green.  You make the difference!

Who We Are

Our Somerville House Foundation was launched in 1984 by a group of interested parents with a mutual passion and belief in the transformative power of education. 

Now celebrating our 35th year of supporting the financial security and growth of Somerville House, our Foundation operates as a company limited by guarantee and is registered as a charity with the Australian Charities and Not-for-Profit Commission.

We operate collaboratively with the School under the requirements of the Corporations Act, with a professional Board of Directors and impressive volunteer involvement. The Board and its three Committees have a diverse mix of skills and experience, and great passion for our cause.

Our Board

Permanent Directors

Somerville House Principal, Mrs Kim Kiepe
Somerville House School Council Chairman, Mr Jim Demack

Appointed Directors

Representative of the Old Girls' Association, Ms Rebecca Bauer
Representative of the Parents and Friends' Association, Mr Derek Meggitt   

Elected Directors

Ms Dominique Layt, Board Chair
Mrs Jodie Bignall 
Mrs Kerrie Mattiske 
Mrs Trudy Naylor
Mrs Peta Tilse

The Constitution of Somerville House Foundation Ltd. is available here.

The Somerville House Foundation Ltd. 2018 Audited Financial Statements are available here.

What We Do

At Somerville House, we believe that scholarships play an important role in fostering a culture that celebrates and values achievement, diversity and the pursuit of personal excellence. Scholarship opportunities can also have a profound impact on the lives of deserving students and help nurture the next generation of future leaders. 

Through the generosity of our Foundation’s benefactors, a number of scholarships are awarded each year to students who might not normally be able to attend our School. Our Foundation also assists current members of our School community who may be experiencing financial difficulty through the provision of bursaries.

Our Mission

Our Foundation is devoted to providing exceptional learning opportunities for Somerville House students to inspire and encourage them to become the best they can be. Committed to securing the future of Somerville House, our Foundation strives to foster a culture of philanthropy and warmth of spirit throughout our School community. 

Please click here to find out more about the work of our Foundation.

Our Priorities

As a tax-deductible fundraising vehicle, our Foundation partners with the School to deliver programs and projects that have a lasting and personal impact on the educational journey of Somerville House students. It does so through raising and managing funds via appeals, events and initiatives to support scholarships and bursaries, and assist the School with its present and future development priorities.

Our Foundation supports the School’s strong commitment to delivering a relevant, first-class learning environment that facilitates exceptional learning outcomes for our students. 

It does so by financially contributing to the development of our educational facilities and resources, in line with the School’s Master Plan (A 2025 Vision), to ensure that our students are continually inspired, engaged and challenged to reach their potential.

In recent years, the Somerville House Foundation has supported our School’s ongoing campus development through the following capital projects:

  • D Block and Mall renovations (2014)
  • The Foundation Building (2014)
  • Expansion of the School Oval by 60% (2011)
  • New Junior School and Middle Years Playgrounds (2011)
  • The Tennis Centre featuring a tennis pavilion and new tennis courts (2011)
  • The Health Centre (2011)
  • The Constance Cotton Junior School Library (2011)
  • The Ness Goodwin Building housing the Junior School, Boarding House and Somerfare Tuckshop (2009)
  • Purchase and refurbishment of The Chambers (1997 to 2005)
  • The Valmai Pidgeon Performing Arts Complex (1999)
  • The Murray Evans Sports and Aquatic Centre (1992 and 1996).

Ways of Giving

As a registered charity and deductible gift recipient, gifts directed to the Somerville House Foundation School Building Fund, Scholarships, Bursaries and Prizes Fund, Sports Fund or Cultural Fund, attract a tax deduction.

Any donations, or combined donations of more than $2,000 entitles you to Foundation Membership.

Information on how to apply for Foundation Membership is available here.


A gift in your Will, known as a bequest, provides an opportunity to support Somerville House once your needs and those of your loved ones have been met. By making a bequest, you can retain the use and enjoyment of your assets during your lifetime and leave a lasting and valuable legacy to our School. 

The Fewings Fellowship was established to honour and recognise those in our community who remember Somerville House in their Will or who make a deferred gift. Importantly, it gives our School the opportunity to thank the Fewings Fellowship members, during their lifetime, for their generous commitment.

Creating a scholarship is a wonderful way for you to make a transformative gift to Somerville House. You may wish to consider establishing a fixed term or endowed scholarship for the benefit of students now or into the future.

Contact Us

For more information on the role our Foundation plays in our School community, and for opportunities to become involved, please contact Ms Anna Coles, Foundation Development Manager on (07) 3033 9289 or