Fees and Payments

The School maintains an all-inclusive fee structure, which incorporates compulsory subject-related items pertaining to all students, including a one-to-one fully supported laptop program from Year 6. Camps, optional excursions, and non-compulsory subject-related items will be charged and identified separately on Fee Accounts.  

Laptops are provided to Year 6 and above and are fully supported by the school. Lower year students have access to computer labs.

Fee Schedules are reviewed and approved annually by the governing body, and published in advance of the forthcoming calendar year. Fees may be subject to change, without notice, as a result of changes to Australian legislation and/or regulations. 

Click here to view the 2020 Domestic Fee Schedule.
Click here to view the 2020 International Fee Schedule.
Click here to view the Pre-Prep Funded Kindergarten Statement of Fees. 

Fees Policy

Four (4) Fee Accounts will be issued, in advance of each Term, for domestic students in the calendar year. Two (2) Fee Accounts will be issued, in advance of each Semester, for international students in the calendar year. All fees and charges will be stated in Australian dollars and are exclusive of Goods and Services Tax (GST), except for Registration fees and a portion of Boarding fees relating to the provision of meals, both of which attract GST. The School’s trading terms require outstanding Fee Accounts to be settled within 14 calendar days. 

Credit card payments using Parent Lounge is the preferred payment option for Fee Accounts. However, Fee Accounts can also be paid via BPay, cheque and/or cash.

In accordance with the Agreement With The School, the School reserves the right to withdraw a student’s enrolment if outstanding Fee Accounts are not paid when they fall due, unless a prior arrangement has been agreed to in writing.   

Sibling discount:
In the case of two or more siblings attending Somerville House at the same time, an automatic discount of 10% will apply to the tuition fees pertaining to the younger sibling(s). Upon written application annually, a discount of 10% on tuition fees will apply for students who may have an older brother(s) attending Brisbane Boys’ College. A written application can be submitted to fees@somerville.qld.edu.au.

Voluntary Building Fund (VBF) Contribution
A total VBF contribution of $800 per annum ($200 per Term or $400 per Semester) is applied on all Fee Accounts. The VBF contribution is used solely towards the acquisition, construction or maintenance of School buildings, and as such, is also an allowable taxation deduction in accordance with the Australian Income Tax Assessment Act.     

Withdrawal of Enrolment
Parents wishing to withdraw their daughter’s enrolment prior to her completion of Year 12 are reminded that one term’s written notice is required, which is in accordance with the Agreement With The School as follows:

(a)      Not later than the first day of the Term at the end of which it is intended the student should leave

(b)      If it is intended that the student should leave during a Term, not later than the first day of the immediately preceding term

(c)      If it is proposed that the student not commence studies at the School, having been accepted for enrolment, not later than the first day of the Term preceding the Term in which the student was to enter the School.

Failure to provide written notice will result in the payment or forfeiture (as the case may be) to the School of one Term’s tuition fees.