At Somerville House we believe the role of a school is to provide an exemplary educational environment that enables your child to discover and develop their talents in an environment that balances the individual academic, physical and spiritual needs of each student while providing the support and encouragement your child requires to become the best they can be.

With this in mind, we understand that selecting a school for your child is one of the most important decisions you and your child will make.

The information provided on this website is designed to provide you with a brief insight into life at Somerville House, and a taste of the opportunities this schooling life can provide.

In addition to your online research, we encourage you to request a detailed School Prospectus, to visit the School and take a tour, hosted by students, of our world-class facilities where you can experience our passionate teaching staff in action, and fully appreciate the revered Somerville House spirit.

More information on our state-of-the-art Early Learning Centre for both boys and girls entering Pre-Prep can be found under Pre-Prep.

More information on our renowned Boarding facility for girls from Years 6 to 12 can be found under Boarding

We welcome applications from overseas students. Further information and full details on how to apply can be found under Overseas Visa Students.

Alternative entry opportunities are available through our Scholarship and Bursaries Program detailed below.

To begin the enrolment process simply scroll down to the Application Process below where you will find detailed instructions on our enrolment procedure.

Should you require further information or need assistance with your enrolment our dedicated Enrolments staff will be happy to assist you. 

Contact our Enrolments Office on:
Phone: (07) 3248 9267
Email: enrolments@somerville.qld.edu.au

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Application Process

Somerville House is a day and boarding school for girls from Pre-Prep to Year 12, with boarding available from Year 6. In addition, the School's state-of-the-art Early Learning Centre has a co-educational Pre-Prep Program and takes enrolments for both boys and girls entering Pre-Prep. 

Key intake years for the School are:

  • Pre-Prep
  • Prep
  • Year 3
  • Year 5
  • Year 7

A student wishing to enter the School at an alternative Year Level will be accommodated as places become available. 

Placements by Year Level are limited and early registration is recommended. Waiting lists are carefully maintained and updated regularly.

Let’s get started…


Complete the Somerville House Application for Registration Form. All applications require a
non-refundable fee of
$350 per student.


Approximately two years
prior to your child's expected start date, you will be invited to attend an information session and tour of the School, hosted by the Principal and Members
of the School Executive.

The information session, which will generally take place during Term 4, will provide you with current information about the School, our expectations and requirements, and provide you with an opportunity
to ask further questions. Alternative provisions will be made for boarding families who are unable to attend
the session.


Following this information session, a link to our online Application for Enrolment Form will be sent to you
for completion. Additional required documentation
may also be requested. 

The completion of the Application for Enrolment Form does not guarantee acceptance of your child’s enrolment.  


Upon receipt of your completed Application for Enrolment Form, you and your child will be invited to attend an interview with the relevant member of the School Leadership Team to discuss your application.   Provision will be made for boarding families who are unable to attend an interview at the allotted times.  

After all interviews with prospective parents and students have been completed, the Principal will make offers for placements approximately 18 months before the expected entry date to the School. 

Due to a limited number of placements not all students who are interviewed will be offered places in the School.  


Upon receipt of an offer
of enrolment, you will be required to confirm your acceptance by signing the official Written Agreement and paying a non-refundable acceptance fee of $1,200. 

For further information on additional avenues for
School entry please visit Scholarships and Bursaries.

Request a Prospectus

The Somerville House Prospectus provides a brief history of the School along with detailed information on each sub-school. The Prospectus also outlines the co-curricular, sporting and music activities offered and the specific subjects taught at each Year Level.

Please click here to request a Prospectus.


A Somerville House Scholarship will provide your daughter with every opportunity to achieve her personal best; to become an independent and responsible young woman, armed with the knowledge and skills needed to confidently navigate her path in the world beyond school.

Part-fee scholarships are possible due to the generosity of the Somerville House Foundation benefactors and the School's commitment to make an outstanding education available to those who will benefit most.

This proud and longstanding tradition has provided the educational framework for many students who have gone on to make meaningful contributions, locally and internationally, in a diverse range of fields including medicine, research, science, business, community, music and the arts.

Each year a limited number of scholarships are awarded on the basis of merit and/or equity (which may include hardship) to Australian students (citizens or residents).

Our Scholarship process for 2021 entry has closed.   Scholarships for 2022 entry open in October 2020. 

Please peruse the full range of current Somerville House Scholarship opportunities below and if you have any further questions, please contact:

Phone: (07) 3248 9202
Email: enrolments@somerville.qld.edu.au

Somerville House Foundation Scholarships  

The Somerville House Foundation also offers a range of academic, music, sports and art scholarships each year. When applying for a scholarship where financial hardship is a consideration, financial information must be disclosed.

Somerville House Scholarships 

Boarding Scholarships 

Girls who can demonstrate academic achievement in scholarship testing, are encouraged to apply for a Boarding Scholarship. The Boarding Scholarship is awarded to a girl from regional or rural Queensland who will be commencing at Somerville House as a new boarder in Year 7 or 8.  Students are required to sit an Academic Assessment Examination at the School.  The award of a scholarship is tenable for the student’s education at the School, subject to satisfactory academic performance and contribution to school life.

Academic Scholarships

This scholarship provides part support of tuition fees.  For all other year levels, application is via a form, requiring the supply of School and NAPLAN reports.

Music Scholarships

Somerville House is well renowned for the depth of its music program and the talented teachers and tutors critical to its success. We provide a limited number of Music Scholarships, through part support of tuition fees.

To apply for a Music Scholarship, the minimum standard required is an A/Honours Grading in the following:

StringsViolin - Grade 7
Viola/Cello - Grade 6 
Double Bass - Grade 5
WoodwindFlute, Clarinet - Grade 5
Saxophone, Oboe, Bassoon - Grade 4
BrassTrumpet, French Horn, Trombone, Euphonium, Tuba - Grade 4
Piano Grade 7
PercussionStudents can present on one or more instruments including Snare Drum, Marimba or Vibraphone - Grade 5

Currently, preference may be given to the following instruments – Trombone, Euphonium, Tuba, Oboe, Bassoon and Double Bass, as there is higher demand for these within the ensemble program.

Sport Scholarships 

Somerville House is renowned for the success of its sports program in a broad range of disciplines and offers extensive support by providing outstanding coaches, mentors and co-ordinators in all disciplines. We proudly offer a limited number of Sport Scholarships, which provide part support of tuition fees for students who have achieved outstanding results in their chosen sport.

In sport, examples of an outstanding demonstration of ability include:

  • Exceptional times in athletics, cross country or swimming;  and/or
  • Selection in State or higher teams.

Fees and Payments

The School maintains an all-inclusive fee structure, which incorporates compulsory subject-related items pertaining to all students, including a one-to-one fully supported laptop program from Year 6. Camps, optional excursions, and non-compulsory subject-related items will be charged and identified separately on Fee Accounts.  

Laptops are provided to Year 6 and above and are fully supported by the school. Lower year students have access to computer labs.

Fee Schedules are reviewed and approved annually by the governing body, and published in advance of the forthcoming calendar year. Fees may be subject to change, without notice, as a result of changes to Australian legislation and/or regulations. 

Click here to view the 2020 Domestic Fee Schedule.
Click here to view the 2020 International Fee Schedule.
Click here to view the Pre-Prep Funded Kindergarten Statement of Fees. 

Fees Policy

Four (4) Fee Accounts will be issued, in advance of each Term, for domestic students in the calendar year. Two (2) Fee Accounts will be issued, in advance of each Semester, for international students in the calendar year. All fees and charges will be stated in Australian dollars and are exclusive of Goods and Services Tax (GST), except for Registration fees and a portion of Boarding fees relating to the provision of meals, both of which attract GST. The School’s trading terms require outstanding Fee Accounts to be settled within 14 calendar days. 

Credit card payments using Parent Lounge is the preferred payment option for Fee Accounts. However, Fee Accounts can also be paid via BPay, cheque and/or cash.

In accordance with the Agreement With The School, the School reserves the right to withdraw a student’s enrolment if outstanding Fee Accounts are not paid when they fall due, unless a prior arrangement has been agreed to in writing.   

Sibling discount:
In the case of two or more siblings attending Somerville House at the same time, an automatic discount of 10% will apply to the tuition fees pertaining to the younger sibling(s). Upon written application annually, a discount of 10% on tuition fees will apply for students who may have an older brother(s) attending Brisbane Boys’ College. A written application can be submitted to fees@somerville.qld.edu.au.

Voluntary Building Fund (VBF) Contribution
A total VBF contribution of $800 per annum ($200 per Term or $400 per Semester) is applied on all Fee Accounts. The VBF contribution is used solely towards the acquisition, construction or maintenance of School buildings, and as such, is also an allowable taxation deduction in accordance with the Australian Income Tax Assessment Act.     

Withdrawal of Enrolment
Parents wishing to withdraw their daughter’s enrolment prior to her completion of Year 12 are reminded that one term’s written notice is required, which is in accordance with the Agreement With The School as follows:

(a)      Not later than the first day of the Term at the end of which it is intended the student should leave

(b)      If it is intended that the student should leave during a Term, not later than the first day of the immediately preceding term

(c)      If it is proposed that the student not commence studies at the School, having been accepted for enrolment, not later than the first day of the Term preceding the Term in which the student was to enter the School.

Failure to provide written notice will result in the payment or forfeiture (as the case may be) to the School of one Term’s tuition fees.  

Overseas Visa Students

The Presbyterian and Methodist Schools Association (PMSA) believe enrolling international students in their schools provides reciprocal benefits for all students. 

Somerville House, a PMSA school is committed to facilitating the opportunity for International Students to participate in quality education. This commitment enhances the learning experience of all students through daily contact with individuals coming from a diversity of cultures and backgrounds.

Somerville House seeks to develop young women who understand and are tolerant of difference, and just as importantly, who recognise the worth of each individual. 

Application Information

The following applies to all applications received from overseas students:

  • Students classified as Full Fee Paying Students are required to provide  a report of their English proficiency levels prior to entry to the School. Students can take part in a test program at the School or at various  testing centres in their own country. Details of these tests are available upon request.
  • Parents/Guardians need to provide the School with a photocopy of their daughter's passport and visa.
  • Full Fee Students are required by the Federal Government to take out medical cover under the Overseas Health Cover (OSHC) Scheme.
  • A minimum of six months' tuition fees are required in advance at the time the enrolment is confirmed.
  • The student's Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE), required for the student's visa application, will be issued on receipt of the OSHC and advance tuition fees.

The School values the diverse and culturally-rich perspectives that international students share with our school community and we welcome these students throughout their schooling with us.

International students must live within the Boarding House or with a parent or guardian.  

International students are required to provide a report of their English proficiency levels prior to entry to the School. English proficiency test results provide details regarding the student’s proficiency in English and is one of the measures of the candidate’s suitability. 

Applicants are required to meet the IELTS or NLLIA band scale, or the equivalent: 

  • Level 4+ up to Year 5
  • Level 5 for Year 6
  • Level 5 for Years 7 to 8
  • Level 6 for Year 9 
  • Level 6+ for Year 10 
  • Level 7 for Years 11 or 12 

Full Fee Paying Students are required by the Federal Government to take out medical cover under the Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) Scheme.

More detailed information for international students is available for download below:

Overseas Visa Students' and Parents' Booklet (PDF 3MB)

International Student Policies 

Studying in Australia

To learn more about studying in Australia, visit: 


We understand there is a lot of information to consider and our dedicated Admissions team will be happy to assist you, please contact:

Phone: +61 7 3248 9202
Email: enrolments@somerville.qld.edu.au

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Phone: (07) 3248 9267
Email: enrolments@somerville.qld.edu.au